The Eggworld: Poached Egg Calories

Do you know anything about poached egg calories? If you do not know anything about it, then it might do you good to continue reading this article because I am here to tell you everything you need to know about this particular type of cooked egg.

Eggs are a food that is a bit polarizing for some people. You either like it and eat it nearly every day or you despise it and avoid it like a deadly plague. Either way, a serving of egg is filled with nutrients, no matter how hard you eat it or avoid it, and eggs are often the staple ingredient in many dishes. Everybody calls it the superfood for a reason, and I do believe that reason is right. They are dead cheap, you can find them nearly in every corner of the world (unless you are living in the middle of nowhere like the arctic desert of Antarctica or the middle of the Sahara). They are nutritious, which is evident in the high amount of vitamins, proteins, fats (the healthy ones), and the best of them all: proteins. You need all of the aforementioned stuff if you want to be healthy and strong, and many people will need protein in order to balance themselves.

Poached Egg Calories

Although eggs are nutritious and healthy, there are ways you can do to RUIN your eggs. Not that you should it, but here are the things that you can do to make your eggs unhealthy:

Eating it with a high amount of salt or sugar

What makes an egg good is the fact that you can eat it in any ways you want. You can make it sweet, you can make it salty, you can make it bitter, you can make it sour, and you can make it extremely hot that even the most gritty a person will cry for their mums.

Too much of anything can ruin anything, and that rule applies to this as well. If you sprinkle too much of a salt to handle, the nutrition within your egg will be dwarfed by the amount of sodium in the salt. Although consuming sodium is good, too much of sodium will make your blood pressure rise higher than Burj Khalifa, and Burj Khalifa is pretty darn high.

On the opposite side, we got the sweet sugar. Sugar, again, is good for your body if you consume it in moderation. If will lead you to a gateway of diabetes and many other problems if you consume it more than jolly, however, and the same can be said even when you mix it with eggs. Although eggs are nutritious, the nutrition means nothing if you eat it with a high amount of sugar.

Poached Egg Calories

Cooking it too hot

Another rule that you should know when you are cooking is this: heat breaks any nutrient within a food. If you play the matchmaker and you put heat and the nutrition within an egg together, this love will result in a broken-down nutrition. Is it bad to have any nutrition break down?

Not entirely bad. If you think the human body is capable of achieving feats of absorbing raw, unbroken protein to the fullest, you are wrong to the very bones. Cooking a food, no matter if its meat, vegetables, fishes, eggs, and other dairies, will break down the nutrition and make it easier for your body to absorb. See it this way: if you eat your egg raw, the nutrition will somewhat be bigger and harder to absorb because your body has many small holes to absorb said nutrition (this, compared to having a huge hole that can suck a big ball of nutrition, is inefficient). If the nutrition is broken down into smaller pieces, however, the body can suck it efficiently. An efficient sucking means a happy body and a happy body makes for a happy woman or man.

But if you decide to try something new and cook it longer than it should be, every good nutrition in that egg will dissolve into nothingness. I once said that playing the matchmaker between heat and nutrition will lead to a broken nutrition. If a big nutrition gets broken, it will turn into a smaller nutrition. If a small nutrition gets broken, it will turn into something that is practically non-existent. Your body cannot absorb anything if it does not have anything to absorb, yes?

Nevertheless, cooking an egg is always recommended, but if you prefer it raw or half-cooked, then you are free to be my guest. It is less healthy and carries a risk, but some studies shown that eating raw eggs are better protein wise.

Let us return to the topic at hand: poached egg calories

After we are done with the things that can make an egg unhealthy, it will do us good to talk about the things that will make an egg healthier to eat. One such way is by boiling them in a water that is not that hot but not that cold either (aptly named poaching, which shares the same name with animal hunting. For what reason, I do not know). A poached egg contains 72 calories, and 72 calories is pretty small if you think about it. You can eat poached eggs if you want to lose weight, if you want to get healthy, or if you are tired of the usual sunny side up every morning. Poaching an egg, unlike exposing them to open fire or frying them on a pan, will not destroy the nutrition as bad as the former actions. Grilled egg (I have yet to see one) and fried eggs are not that healthy compared to poaching an egg because you expose the egg to a heat hotter than when you poach it.

On the same topic, if you fry an egg, it sometimes requires oil or butter (which is much worse than using oil), and those two are the first ingredients that you should reduce if you want to lose weight or avoid diseases. The calories within them are also higher compared to poached egg calories, which should tell you a lot.


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