Root Canal vs Extraction Cost And Pain And Which One Is Better?

Root canal vs extraction, perhaps it is a hard decision to take. Asides of the cost and the pain, you should understand the one that is best to choose. As we know that, dentists can perform root canals and tooth extractions to treat your damaged or infected teeth.

By comparing Root canal vs extraction, you can take something more, such as the best methods to meet what you actually needs. By having root canal, it is the best way to save the damaged, the diseased or the dead pulp. If you leave your damaged teeth untreated, it is viable to your mouth. Speaking of the pulp, the innermost part of the teeth works to provide healthy blood flow. Once your tooth is crack or there is a deep cavity, it can damage the pulp. These conditions can lead bacteria from your mouth to reach the pulp. In this point, you can get an infection, swelling, and other problems that create discomfort.

root canal vs extraction

Root Canal Vs Extraction Cost

Root canal vs extraction, which one is more expensive?

First, perhaps you have heard the horror stories that root canal procedures are very painful, but the fact is not. The most frequent complaint about root canal procedure is the time in the dental office. The procedure may take form 30 minutes to 2 hours. It depends on the tooth problems. The total cost of the procedure together with the restoration can start from $1500 to $2000. Again, the tooth can determine the treatment cost.

To compare the Root canal vs extraction cost, we should look at the extraction treatment. The cost to have tooth extraction can start from $125 to $350. Again, it depends on the tooth.

From here, we can conclude that Root canal vs extraction cost also depends on the tooth problem. Other than that, we have to say that tooth extraction is more affordable than a root canal. However, when you do extraction treatment, you must accept the missing tooth. The presence of shifting, of course, can be the new problems in the future. We recommend you to replace the extracted teeth that can cost from $500 to more than $3500.

root canal vs extraction

Root Canal Vs Extraction Pain

Root canal vs extraction, which one is more painful?

When you consider having root canal treatment, it is a simple therapy. Your dentist will numb the area around the damaged tooth. After that, he will make an opening around the affected tooth to remove the dead pulp. Once he has done this process, he will carefully clean the pulp chambers to ensure that there is no presence of bacteria. Later, he used gutta-percha, the material to fill the pulp chambers to replace the damaged pulp. On the top of the treated tooth, he will add a crown to restore the strength and appearance. This treatment requires multiple visits depends on the tooth problems.

After the treatment, it is common to feel some pain in several days. The pain can be various. You may experience a dull ache. Others can feel sharp or acute pain. Here, you can handle the discomfort by taking painkiller. It is better to see your dentist if the pain is too intense that sounds impossible to do a personal treatment. Do the same if the pain disappears and then comes back.

Move to the extraction, if you really need tooth extraction, the dentist will numb the area first. Here, it works to remove your discomfort during the treatment. After that, he will use a lever-like appliance; we call it as elevator to lose your tooth while it is still in there. To extract the tooth, they will use forceps. You may feel some pressure during this process but it does not take your comfort, for sure.

According to the American Dental Association (ADA), you need to bite on a piece of gauze for more than 45 minutes to stop the blood flow. It is normal to have light bleeding for 24 hours with a little bit of facial swelling. In this condition, you should rest for a while and use ice packs to minimize the inflammation. When you want to eat, make sure that you consume soft and cool foods that will not irritate the area. After you heal, you can go back to your regular diet.

From the points about Root canal vs extraction procedure above, which one is more painful?

Root canal vs extraction especially in the term of pain, many dentists say that the pain of root canal happens only short-lived than the extraction. Besides, at this time, the dentists use the latest technologies.

Are Root Canals Worth It?

Root canal vs extraction helps you to compare which one is better for your tooth problems. When you decide root canals, make sure that you know when you should take this treatment. In some cases, dentist cannot save the damaged tooth. Therefore, he recommends you to remove it. There are some conditions in which you should do tooth extraction as below:

  1. If the damaged tooth has a very large cavity

In this condition, the large cavity compromises too much to the structure so that it is almost impossible to repair.

  1. If the damaged tooth has a severe fracture
  2. If the tooth has a crack that extends down and reach the gumline.

Why You Should Do Root Canal, Not Extraction

Here are the reasons why you should do root canal, instead of extraction when you compare Root canal vs extraction:

  1. Prevent The Unpleasant Chain of Events

Our mouth is like our earth system. It is the sensitive environment that one thing happens, it will affect others. Here, when you do tooth extraction, of course, there will be a chain of events happen. The other teeth by the time begin to shift to fill the space that left because of the missing tooth.

When teeth push against other, it can lead to some serious problems, such as jaw problems and crooked teeth. Other than that, it can bring biting and chewing issues.

  1. Paying Less In The Long Run

When you remove your tooth, it can bring some challenges as we have already explained above. Therefore, it is good to prevent shifting by filling the empty space. Here, you can do two possible things. First, to have a bridge and second is to have an implant. If you choose a bridge, it means that you let your dentist shave the teeth down on either side of the space. The goal is to anchor the crown to fill the space. It also means that you have to spend your money for a three-unit bridge, not a root canal and crown. What is more is that it can affect the healthy teeth around the treated area. Another option is dental implants that do not require shaving down the adjacent teeth. However, having an implant is the expensive option that only a few dental insurance plans can cover.

  1. Natural Teeth Are Better

You can smile widely, with your confidence in your natural teeth. In fact, most people feel less attractive when they have no natural teeth. Even they believe that when they are missing teeth, or dentures and crowns, they look like getting older too fast.

So, if we have to choose Root canal vs extraction, saving your natural teeth make you more natural. Therefore, many Americans still want to save their teeth by using root canal treatment.

How To Avoid Root Canal And Tooth Extraction

Anytime when you compare Root canal vs extraction, do not think that root canal is the best choice for you. Still, when you consider having a root canal, it means that the tooth problem is really driving you crazy.

To avoid both of these procedures and if you think that root canal is not necessary for your health, it is good for you to try something to prevent the inflammation, pain, and the sensitive tooth.

There are some reasons why your tooth can be very sensitive or painful. A qualified dental professional is helpful to evaluate the specific pain. Here, we give you the following information why your tooth is very sensitive:

  1. Muscle pain from temporalis or masseter
  2. Lack of sleep
  3. Trigeminal Neuralgia
  4. Sinus headaches
  5. Sugars or processed foods, fruits as well
  6. Ill-fitting restorations
  7. Neuropathic pain
  8. Tumors or aneurysms
  9. Hormone changes such as perimenopause, as well as menstrual cycles, or changes in the testosterone levels
  10. Fractures
  11. Headaches that changes the blood vessels as well as the nerves of your head
  12. Salivary dysfunction

So, do not take a quick decision to take which one is good for you, Root canal vs extraction to heal your tooth. Each of your teeth is the little organ with the same blood as well as the lymphatic fluid that can go through your heart, your organs, and systems. In addition, the nerves have a complex system that will connect the teeth to your brain. Therefore, when something wrong happens to your body, it can give a bad impact to your teeth.

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