What Are Root Canal Alternative Treatments That Safer and Healthier

Root canal alternative are available in some options. As we know, a root canal is the embalming process that your dentists perform on your tooth. The goal is to not remove the dead tooth, so it still has its function mechanically. In fact, a tooth can die. It can be because of trauma (a trauma of high-speed drill that creates too much heat). Your tooth can die because of the microbial invasion.

On the other hands, root canals are can crank out the microbial metabolic toxins. Moreover, some specialists acknowledge that the condensing osteitis around the treated tooth is something common. Speaking of condensing osteitis, it is the thickening of the bone, located around the dead tooth. It works as the protection to deal with the infective toxins. Besides, the American Association of Endodontists (AAE) in 2012 stated that it is unethical to do the extraction of endodontically treated teeth. It is unethical if it is all about the prevention of NICO (the painful jawbone death caused by poor blood supply). This case is the same for other diseases. Even AAE suggest reporting this practice immediately.

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The Reasons To Have Root Canal Alternative

Teeth with root canal treatment are more prone to be the place of harmful microbes. The toxic metabolic waste product will attack your immune system. In this point, it can bring many chronic illnesses. It is why when you are suffering from any chronic disease; it can be helpful to start from the dental revision to start your recovery. In addition, dental revision also includes the process of removing the toxic stressors of oral origin. It can include the dead jawbone, dead teeth, metal tooth restoration along with meridian-blocking implants.

When you are planning root canal treatment, here are some things you should do to help your consideration

Before Taking Root Canal Treatment

Other than that, when you have to lose a tooth, it is something emotional. It is why many dentists are keeping going with the perfect tooth embalming treatment for you. Besides, the decision to do tooth replacement can be quite complex. Anytime that you want to consider having a root canal, make sure you have examined your health status and your priorities. There are some simple questions that can give you the best solution, such as, “Are root canals the real killer?” or other serious question to help yourself.

In some condition, some biological doctors recommend a root canal treatment, not root canal alternative. They suggest it because the patient has a strong immune system, superior lifestyle, and great genetics. They can talk that in case your immune system crashes, it is possible to extract it later. However, at this time, we are living in the world. Surely, there are many unavoidable immune system obstacles.

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Root Canal Treatment Requires Proper Diagnosis

The big problem is that diagnosing root canals can be difficult. Using the typical dental x-rays are less effective. It is because it does not provide a high level of accurate diagnoses. Nevertheless, it can diagnose subtle root canal pathology with ease. On the other hands, CT scans are the perfect option if there are no metals in the mouth. However, the cost can be expensive with the addition of high radiation exposure.

When you consider having root canal alternative, it means that you want the dentist to remove the dead tooth. Here are the following alternatives:

  1. Implants

In this choice, you want your dentist to extract the root canal treated teeth. The goal is to maintain your health.  You will need a biological dentist to do so. He can help you prevent cavitations and increase your immune system. To replace the space, you can choose the more complex options. However, the cost will be more expensive. The better longevity of the implants, the more expensive you will get.

We can say that implant is adding the artificial root. Your dentist will screw the root into the jawbone. After that, he will top it with the artificial tooth. Implant means that you are displacing root canals. In addition, implant offers the similar look, feel, and function of the natural tooth without interfering your activities.

Well, it is a good root canal alternative, because:

  • It supports maintain bone that normally dissolves by the time after the tooth extracted.
  • It can last a long time
  • The implant does not require grinding down adjacent to the teeth because it requires a fixed bridge.
  • Implant offers great tooth function and body.

When you want to choose dental implants, there are several things to know. Well, it is going to be your major investment. In fact, the dead tissues cannot produce energy. Therefore, when you choose titanium or zirconium implant, you will get the slow energy flow. This is what your body should compensate. In another word, the associated organs, anatomical structures, and glands will decrease its functionality.

In addition, people with dental implant mostly have metallic dental repairs. It will exacerbate energetic issues. It is because of the replacement tooth and the implant screws made of different metals. In this condition, the two different metals along with the saliva (the electrolyte) will convert your mouth into a battery. Moreover, if you have gold, copper, mercury, silver filings, tin, and nickel crowns in the mouth can create galvanic currents.

The Dark Side of Titanium Implants

Today, we found that most implants are from titanium. In the point that your mouth works as a battery, it can create chaotic galvanic currents. In this condition, your mouth can drive ions from the titanium as well as the alloys. After that, your body will transport the metallic ions inside, around the clock that they bind to protein. As a result, it can harm your health. You may experience inflammatory, allergy as well as other autoimmune problems compared to others. Therefore, you should take a blood test to determine the sensitivity at the very first beginning.

root canal alternative

Meanwhile, most people do not realize the galvanic currents. However, you may experience unexplained ulcerations, nerve shocks, as well as salty or metallic taste. Other than that, you can feel a burning sensation. Sadly, the currents can lead to insomnia, ear ringing, brain fog, dizziness, and epilepsy. The last important thing about this root canal alternative is it has some potential diseases as root canals. For example, it can cause autoimmune problems and neurological disorders. Other possible diseases because of implants are cancer, chronic fatigue, Parkinson’s disease, fibromyalgia, Alzheimer’s disease, and multiple sclerosis.

Titanium Implants vs. Zirconium Implants

The alternatives to titanium implants are zirconium implants as the innovation. These implants block the energy flow. On the contrary, at least this is electrically neutral. It means it can remove the potential things that can disturb your brain impulses. However, it is important to note that this artificial tooth comes with a metal base. Of course, zirconium implants can release ions, but smaller than titanium implants.

  1. Traditional Bridge

This root canal alternative contains several units. These are the artificial teeth along with the abutments. Abutments are the crown. It works to cover the anchor teeth. You can bond it permanently in place to cover the gap and replace one missing tooth, at least. The question is will you take this treatment only to cover one to two missing teeth? Other than that, some doctors recommend you to remove the traditional bridge periodically. This is the only way to clean up the underlying teeth.

Besides, you should consider the supporting crowned teeth issues. The teeth that can break, develop decay, and nerve damage. Here, you must remove and replace the bridge as well as the crowns. In fact, people are still ignoring about the proper way to clean up their mouth. Specifically, around the abutment teeth as well as under the artificial tooth. Therefore, if you want to get the longevity, it is all about your personal care. In addition, you should not smoke.

  1. Biomimetic

It means that mimicking nature. Your dentist will choose the right dental materials. What your dentist do is to weigh the capability of your immune system to ignore the dental materials. They do this, especially after the recognition or biocompatibility. In addition, your dentist should find right materials. These materials should offer the same flexibility of the teeth. In addition, the materials should able to absorb the daily chewing and clenching.

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For example, you can take porcelain crowns that are four times stronger than the natural teeth. Moreover, the crowns are biocompatible, strong, and beautiful.

On the contrary, our cranial bones rhythmically move gently. This movement is to drain sinuses, support nasal breathing and affect your nervous system. At night, these movements are important to support glymphatic system flush the waste products from your brain. However, when there is any movement blockage, migraines and the build-up of amyloid plaques can lead to Alzheimer’s.

Here, when you want to have a permanent bridge, make sure that you do not choose porcelain to metal. It is because metals contain nickel.

  1. Resin Bonded Bridge

We also call it as Maryland bridges as the least expensive option to replace missing teeth in some conditions. It is only for the anterior tooth replacement. You can choose the design, skill, material, and patient selection. Hence, you can determine your satisfaction and the longevity of this root canal alternative. It is different from a traditional bridge. It is because resin bonded bridge has less reduction of the supporting teeth. We think it is a good choice for adolescents who miss their teeth. Besides, this alternative is easy to care for and the bridges support the maintain space. On the other hands, it can be difficult to cleanse the resin-bonded bridge at home every day.

Those are all about root canal alternative options that we hope can help you consider the best option for you.

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