Orange Juice Calories – Understanding the Nutrients and Health Benefits

Have you ever wondered about orange juice calories and its myriad of health benefits? Widely considered as a breakfast staple, orange juice remains as one of the most popular beverages. Not only refreshing, this beverage also offers incredible nutritional values – some of which you may not be aware of. Yes, the health benefits of orange juice have been poorly understood.

It does not help that orange juice also often gets a bad rap for being rich in sugar. Provoking the old age debate about which one is healthier, the juice or the whole fruit? To get the answer to this question, we must first understand its nutritional value. In this article, we will discuss its health benefits, and also give a complete breakdown of its nutritional value.
Orange Juice Calories

A great source of fiber and vitamin C

When this particular fruit is brought up, one thing that we are aware of is its high vitamin C content. Known as the best vitamin to fight off a cold, vitamin C has a myriad of other benefits to offer. Other than the ability to fight off free-radicals, it also has the ability to ward off symptoms of premature aging. Having two glasses of orange juice on a daily basis will boost vitamin C concentration to 64-percent.

The popular role of vitamin C may be old news to some people. However, many will be surprised to learn that orange juice is also a good source of fiber. By eating one large orange, you will get at least 18-percent of your fiber intake daily recommendation. This is the primary reason why orange juice is useful for controlling cholesterol levels and maintaining bowel regularity.

Improved cholesterol and balanced blood pressure

Before we start discussing orange juice calories and its nutritional value, let’s check out its other health benefits. It may be surprising that consuming orange juice on daily basis may help improve cholesterol level and balance blood pressure. As it turns out, orange juice is made of components that help lower blood pressure. One of which is its high potassium content.

Other components in orange juice also help to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases as result of high blood pressure. Other than that, the components are also helpful in activating small blood vessels. As for its ability to improve cholesterol, the credit goes to its high fiber content. Good source of fiber has been scientifically proven to be effective in controlling cholesterol level.

Orange Juice Calories

Boost immune system and reduce inflammation

It’s not a secret that orange juice is rich in vitamin C. Being one of the most powerful antioxidants, vitamin C has the power to significantly increase our immune system. When there are free radicals circulated in our system, our body will need every help it can get. The powerful antioxidant in vitamin C does not only give our body the boost it needs. It also helps our body fighting off the circulated free radicals.

Our immune system is supposed to serve as a barrier. However, free radicals may quickly damage the immune system, rendering it unable to fight off the threat on its own. When our immune system is weak to begin with, it may be increasingly difficult for it to protect our body. By consuming orange juice on a daily basis, you will benefit from its antioxidants.

On top of that, antioxidants are also useful in reducing inflammation. While inflammation itself is a natural bodily response to particular stimuli, it may also lead to complications and worse, pain. Oranges are well-known for their anti-inflammatory compounds, making it a great tool to fight off various metabolic syndrome.

Nutritional value in a glass of orange juice

This breakfast staple is undoubtedly an all-time favorite, it’s tangy yet incredibly refreshing. The fact that it comes with a myriad of health benefits makes it all the more desirable. With powerful boost from vitamin C, vitamin A and Bs, and potassium, it’s not difficult to see it’s quality. To top it all off, this nutrient-rich juice also considered as a low-calorie beverage – what’s not to love?

However, it’s worth noting that every orange juice is not created as an equal. The packaged, ready-to-drink orange juice you find in grocery stores have been mixed with insane amount of sugar. Not only rich in sugar, they also have been overly processed. To get the most out of this incredible fruit, why not make it on your own? Simple recipe to follow.

So how much is orange juice calories? It does not matter whether you drink a glass of diluted orange juice concentrate or freshly squeezed orange juice. A glass of orange juice contains 112 calories. Unsweetened, canned orange juice you often find in a grocery aisle has slightly more calories. With 117 calories each can, they make a great alternative in a crunch.

Now that you already know how much calorie is in a glass of orange juice, let’s talk about calorie breakdown. About 92-percent of calories in orange juice is derived from its carbohydrate content. The remaining calories of about 8-percent are from protein. A glass of orange juice contains 26 grams of carbohydrates. But don’t worry, 21 grams of it is from natural sugar which is not dangerous.

Orange Juice Calories

Oranges vs orange juice

The old age debate surrounding which one is healthier has been going on for so long. It’s time to put an end to it. Many would argue that the whole fruit is healthier. However, if you choose unsweetened and freshly squeezed orange juice, they are virtually the same. One glass of orange juice has as many calories as 1.25-cup orange slices, packing the same amount of nutrients.

The whole fruit and freshly squeezed orange juice may have the same amount of vitamins and minerals. But, as expected, the juice has lost all of its fiber content. Condensed and unsweetened canned juice has lost some of its vitamin C content, but it’s still the next best thing. Now you may wonder how to make nutrient-rich, low-calorie orange juice.

The answer is incredibly simple! All you have to do is slice your orange into halves, and squeeze. Simple, healthy and no added sugars. The orange juice calories you get will help you get through the day.


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