Is Sprite Caffeine Free And The Better Alternatives Of Sprite

Is Sprite caffeine free? If you care about yourself or your beloved people who love drink Sprite or soda drinks, this question can be very important. As we know that Sprite is the most favorite lemon-lime soda presented by Coca-Cola. They introduced Sprite in 1961 and 2010.

Well, they worked very serious that made Sprite known as the fourth most popular soft drinks in the worldwide. Sprite is the popular soft drinks sold in up to 190 countries on the earth. Even, Cola-Cola offered the calorie-free options for those who have a big concern about the sugar level. Now, back to your question, “is Sprite caffeine free”, here we provide you the details, including the benefits and the potential side effects you may get when you consume too much Sprite and other soda drinks.

Is Sprite Caffeine Free

Is Sprite Caffeine Free?

Is Sprite caffeine free? Yes. Sprite Soda is popular as a caffeine-free citrus soda. Coca-Cola brought it to the USA in 1961 in order to compete with the most popular brand at that time, 7-Up.

Even though Sprite does not contain caffeine, still there is a big confusion of the caffeine content.

If you feel that Sprite wakes you up, it is because of the high level of sugar content in the soda. In fact, the ingredients of Sprite are carbonated water, citric acid, high fructose corn syrup, sodium citrate, natural flavors, and sodium benzoate. It contains 38 grams of sugar per 12 ounces.

Is Sprite Caffeine Free

What Are The Benefits Of Drinking Sprite and Other Soda Drinks?

After understanding about “is Sprite caffeine free”, now you should know something more about Sprite and other soda drinks. In fact, there are some benefits of these drinks for your health. Of course, you should drink Sprite and other soda drinks in moderation.

  1. Caffeine

As we know that, caffeine works as the stimulant. Even though large amounts of caffeine can give a bad impact on your health, there are numerous benefits of consuming caffeine. Caffeine works to stimulate the central nervous system and break the fatty acids in the liver. In addition, it can increase your mood and it can be a medication for your headaches.

In fact, people who regularly take caffeine have a lower risk to get Parkinson’s disease, gallstone, cirrhosis, and colon cancer. Well, Sprite does not have caffeine, so you can ignore this point.

  1. Carbonated Water

The primary ingredient in many soft drinks, including Sprite is carbonated water. Joseph Priestly was the creator of carbonated water in 1767. Besides, many scientists proved the benefits of carbonated water for the gastrointestinal tract. It can reduce stomachaches, alleviate constipation and quell nausea.

  1. Sodium

Soft drinks, including Sprite, contain sodium, the important mineral that you can find in all natural foods, most of them. Sodium is crucial to help our body retain water, avoid and reduce treat muscle cramps, support the electrolyte balance, and to avoid the effect of aging of the skin. In addition, sodium works to prevent the drop in the blood pressure.

With those benefits, however, there are some points to consider. You get few benefits of drinking Sprite if you drink it in moderation. Of course, there are some risks that you should aware. According to a report published in November, in 2013 of the “American Journal of Public Health” discovers that average person consumes 11 gallons of soft drink annually. As a result, it can lead to excess weight, diabetes, and obesity. Moreover, there is a higher risk of health issues if you take too much Sprite and other soft drinks. Based on the “Journal of General Internal Medicine” published in September 2012, drinking diet soda can increase the chance of a heart attack, stroke, and heart disease. Therefore, you should drink soft drinks in moderation.

The Effects Of Drinking Sprite Everyday

Other things you should know about Sprite, more than just your question like is Sprite caffeine free, is about the side effects. Do you know what happens to your body when you drink Sprite or other soft drinks every day? This point will surprise you.

First, we should admit that Sprite sounds the better option compared to other sodas. It is because the company offered it with caffeine free. However, we still recommend you to drink it in moderation. Like other soda drinks, Sprite has some unhealthy ingredients that can be bad for your body if you take it every day. These ingredients are sodium benzoate, sodium citrate, and high fructose corn syrup. Let us talk one by one.

Is Sprite Caffeine Free

What is high fructose corn syrup? We can say that it is a processed sugar. In fact, Sprite has 38 grams of sugar and carbohydrates per serving of Sprite. It means that the excessive consumption of sugar will lead you to some health issues, such as colon cancer, diabetes, weight gain, and gout.

Besides, those who love drink Sprite too much that they cannot quit for it can get other risks, such as tooth decay. It is because they take too much citric acid that will erode their tooth enamel. Therefore, it can be bad for your body.

Next, we are talking about sodium benzoate. It is the preservative of petroleum. There are some problems for people who take too much sodium benzoate. For example, they can get irritation in the hives and mouth. Some health experts also thought about the DNA damage because of sodium benzoate. Even some researchers found that sodium benzoate could be the main culprit of Alzheimer. Other than that, Sprite contains sodium that if you consume it too much, it can bring health issues such as high blood pressure.

So, what is actually the beneficial ingredient in Sprite?

Well, we have to say that Sprite only has a beneficial ingredient that you can find in other sugary drinks, which is water. Therefore, it can keep us hydrated along the day. In addition, Sprite and other sodas have carbonated water to soothe stomach when you have to deal with nausea.

If you have heard about diet Sprite, it means that you can cut out the sugar consumption as well as the possible effects. However, you cannot avoid the artificial sweeteners that can bring serious health problems. In addition, the Diet Sprite comes with the same amount of citric acid, which can create tooth erosion if you consume it in large quantities for a long period.

What happens to your body when you consume Sprite every day?

This question is something more serious than is Sprite caffeine free. Actually, there are some possible side effects when you take too much Sprite and consume it every day.

  1. Gout

It is popular as the type of arthritis that will make you suffer from the sudden attack of stiffness, swelling, and the burning sensation in certain joints, which is quite painful. For people with gout for a long period, they suffer from the damage of the tendons, joints, and tissues. Mostly, gout is more common in males than females.

Gout happens because your blood has too much uric acid. This condition can cause hard crystals to form in your joints. You may get more risks of developing gout if you love consuming large amounts of fish as well as meat that has a high level of purines. Besides, it is more likely to happen to people who take excessive alcohol and those with obesity.

  1. Type 2 Diabetes

It is the condition commonly develops in the adulthood, in which your body metabolizes sugar or glucose. However, your body cannot create enough insulin. It is important to know that Type 2 Diabetes is still impossible to cure. On the contrary, you only could manage it. there are some risks of Type 2 Diabetes, such as obesity, prediabetes, age, and race.

The fact is that the most common people with Type 2 Diabetes are over 45. Meanwhile, the most common races with this disease are African Americans, Hispanics, Asian Americans, and Native Americans. Other than that, the factors can be because of inactivity and family history.

  1. Acid Erosion

This condition happens because the tooth enamel is broken by the time because of too much consuming the acidic substance, for example, citric acid. If you consume drinks with citric acid in a long period, acid erosion can be your future problem.

  1. Weight Gain

Is Sprite caffeine free? Yes. But, you should not take it too much. If you drink too much Sprite, it can increase your weight. In the future, you may have problems with overweight and even obesity. Obesity can lead you to some problems such as type 2 diabetes and some kinds of cancer.

Better Alternatives To Sprite

As you see, you should not only concern your question about “is sprite caffeine free”. Think about what will you get in the future especially when you cannot stop drinking Sprite is very important.

There are better alternatives to Sprite that you can take without worrying about your health. For example, you can substitute Sprite with IZZE Sparkling Juice. It does not contain preservatives, sugar, caffeine, and high-fructose corn syrup. Alternatively, you can take Blue Sky Natural Soda.

Is Sprite Caffeine Free

We hope that our points above can tell you more than just about “is sprite caffeine free” but what can you get when you consume Sprite every day.


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