How Many Teeth Do Humans Have And How To Care For Healthy Teeth

How many teeth do humans have? The answer depends on some factors. The main factor is the age. Of course, children and adults have a different amount of teeth. For children, they start teething after six months. We call it as deciduous teeth because when they fall out, they like leaves fall from the trees in the autumn. We also call it as baby teeth and milk teeth. Another name is primary teeth.

How many teeth do humans have? For children, the baby teeth are 20, 10 on the top and 10 at the bottom. After the baby teeth fall out, the adult teeth start to grow. In fact, the baby teeth work as the placeholders. Even though baby teeth are only the placeholders, we need to care for it just like the way we care for the adult teeth. The most important part is on how to develop healthy eating and brushing habits after your kid starts teething. At six years old, most kids lose their baby teeth and the teeth that grow next are adult teeth. This process keeps going into the early teens’ phase.

how many teeth do humans have dental care

How Many Baby Teeth Do You Have And Why Are Babies Born With Teeth?

Even most infants get teething in their first teeth months right after birth; nevertheless, some babies come with one or more teeth when they are born. We call it natal teeth. We can say that it is a rare case, which can happen in 1 out of 2,000 births.

It is shocking when your baby is crying for the first time and when you hug her; you see that she was born with teeth. At first, you thought it was not normal. However, you should not worry at as long as the teeth do not disturb her feeding time. Your pediatrician can be the best source to get some advice.

Up to now, the causes of natal teeth are still unknown, but there are some conditions can increase the chance of babies with natal teeth. The teeth may be seen in babies with the cleft lip or palate. In addition, natal teeth may present to babies who born with the irregularities in dentin.

In the end, it does not a big deal if your baby has natal teeth that are not loose. However, if your baby has loose teeth and no roots, the doctor may recommend surgical removal. Otherwise, it can create some dangerous situation such as choking the loose tooth due to accidental swallowing, tongue injuries, feeding issues, and injuries to the mom for breastfeeding.

how many teeth do humans have dental care

How Many Teeth Do Adults Have?

How many teeth do humans have especially for adults? In fact, adults come with more teeth compared to kids. Mostly, adults have 32 teeth including 8 incisors, 8 premolars, 4 canines, and 12 molars (including the 4 wisdom teeth). By the time you reach your teenage years, you can get the complete set of the adult teeth. Many adults have their wisdom teeth removed. It is because the space to grow is insufficient. In this condition, the wisdom teeth only create discomfort or even misalignment of other teeth.

So, how many teeth do humans have? Mostly, for children they have 20 teeth and adults have 32 (28 if they removed the wisdom teeth). Of course, you should care for the teeth.

How Many Teeth Do Humans Have And What They Are Called?

Even though our mouth is the small part of the body anatomy, mouth contains many parts and players. They are the team, work together to help you drink, speak, eat and smile beautifully. The types of human teeth are incisors, canines, premolars, and molars. Below, we provide you our short explanation.

  1. Incisors

The characteristic of incisors is the sharp and the chisel-shaped front teeth. We have four incisors on the top and four incisors at the bottom. We use it to cut food.

  1. Cannes

We also call Cannes as cuspids. The teeth have point-shaped look that is important to tear and grasp food.

  1. Premolars

These are teeth with two-pointed cusps on the biting surface. We call it as bicuspids. The teeth are important to crush and tear food. The teeth grow between the Cannes and molars. We have 8 premolars in our moth.

  1. Molars

We use the teeth to grind and chew food. To do this process, the teeth use the cups on their biting surface. The teeth are flat in the rear mouth and the quantity of molar is 8.

  1. Wisdom Teeth or Third Molars

Most people have four wisdom teeth. These teeth are able to erupt at the age of 18 but mostly we remove it surgically to avoid the displacement of other teeth.

What Are The Parts Of Teeth?

We need teeth for chewing and speak properly. There are some parts of teeth to know as below:

  1. Enamel

It is the outer part of our tooth in white. The part is the hardest because it is a rock-hard mineral, known as calcium phosphate.

  1. Dentin

It is the layer to cover the enamel. It is like a hard tissue, which contains microscopic tubes. If there is damage to the enamel, heat or cold can go through the tooth. Therefore, you can feel pain or sensitivity.

  1. Pulp

The pulp of the teeth is the home for nerves and blood vessels. It is the softer and the inner structure of our teeth.

  1. Cementum

It is the layer of the connective tissue connects the root of the teeth to the jawbone and the gums.

  1. Periodontal Ligament

The tissue works to hold the teeth tightly opposite the jaw.

Can Wisdom Teeth Never Come In?

How many teeth do humans have and what is the wisdom teeth? Wisdom teeth grow in the back of your mouth and they are the third set of molars. Usually, a human has the wisdom teeth in the ages of 17 to 25. We can spot them on X-rays. The quantity of wisdom teeth is 4.

Some people have suffered from the wisdom teeth, but others are lucky because they are missing one or two wisdom tooth, even all the four. Perhaps you have a big question why some have them and others do not.

The American Association for the Advancement of Science revealed it during their annual meeting. According to their new research, there was a random mutation some thousands year ago. The trait then spread and now, we have some modern humans who are lack of wisdom teeth as Alan Mann, the researcher at Princeton University, stated it.

Our ancestors had four sets of the three molars about 12, six in the upper and six at the lower jaw. The three molars work to chew and grind foot. The period of human evolution started, in which the brain expanded in size and the architectural problem appeared. With the larger braincase, the jaw went narrower to make it connect with the lower part of the skull.

In this condition, the genes that work to control the number of teeth evolve independently. As a result, the human jaw was not large enough and the wisdom teeth room then erupted through the gums.

how many teeth do humans have dental care

What Happens If You Do Not Get Your Wisdom Teeth Taken Out?

How many teeth do humans have and why should we remove the wisdom teeth? You must be wondering when your dentist tells you that you should remove the wisdom teeth. Alternatively, he refers you to the oral surgeon to do the procedure in her office. When you do wisdom teeth surgery, you need a few days to heal it and after that, you can feel everything is normal.

Their position that far in the back of the mouth surely can make the wisdom teeth does not come in properly. Their presence can be painful because they are in the gums or jawbone, and they are trapped. Another reason why you should do the surgery is that their presence at the wrong angle so that they may press against other teeth. The most important is that the mouth condition is not big enough, especially for your jaw. When there is no room for the molars, your dentist suggests you do the surgery.

The surgery is also important if you have cavities or gum disease. It makes you unable to reach the wisdom teeth by using dental floss or toothbrush.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Before doing the surgery for the extractions, surely you have to meet your oral surgeon. He will tell you about the process. During the appointment, it is important to tell your surgeon about your health problems if you have and the drugs you take on the regular basis.

It sounds good if you also ask about the surgery process, the type of anesthesia to take; whether it makes you numb or asleep during the surgery process. Since you are going to do the extraction, make sure that you have a good time management from work to home for rest.

To do the extraction, you must wait for the surgery to complete in 45 minutes or less. During the surgery, the surgeon will give the type of anesthesia that you have agreed with so you do not feel pain during the process. What your surgeon does is to cut the gums or bone so she can get the teeth out. She will stitch the wounds close and place gauze pads in the mouth.

After the surgery, it is important to know your body, how your body responds the anesthesia. It is because each person has a different response to anesthesia. If you used a local anesthetic and you still fine, it is okay to drive home and start your recovery. However, if you think that you do not feel well and drowsy, you should ask someone to drive you home.

Besides, most people have little even no pain after surgery. It is normal to have swelling and mild discomfort for three days or so. It may take a few weeks to make everything normal and completely heal.

Therefore, if you do the wisdom teeth extraction, we suggest you follow the instructions from your doctor so you can heal it quickly.

how many teeth do humans have dental care

How To Have Healthy Mouth and Teeth

Your teeth need more than just simple brushing as well as flossing. You may do a good habit such as brushing your teeth twice and flossing at least once a day. However, there are many things to know about how to have healthy mouth and teeth.

  1. Take Care Of The Toothbrush

If you want to have healthy teeth, taking care of your toothbrush is very important. We recommend you to rinse the toothbrush anytime after using it. Besides, place it in an upright position and store it out in the open area to allow the airflow around the bristles to keep it dry. Get a new one if it does not work properly. It is important to note that you should replace your toothbrushes per three to four months. Make sure that your toothbrush is free from worn bristles.

  1. Tongue Brushing

Have you included tongue brushing as the part of your habits? Doing this thing can combat the bacteria in your mouth. It is essential to keep your teeth healthy and it can prevent bad breath. It is better to use a toothbrush cheek and tongue cleaner to remove any bacteria in your mouth after brushing.

  1. Meet Your Dentist

Your dentist is the best source to get best advice about oral care. Therefore, we recommend you to visit your dentist to do regular checkups and ask any questions about your teeth.

  1. Beverages Option

Your drinks can determine the health of your teeth. If you love having soft drinks or sugary juices, tooth decay is waiting for your teeth. Therefore, it is better to drink less soda, take more water, and consume fresh juices or milk.

  1. Have Flouride

Flouride is not for kids only, but this is the natural mineral can make the tooth enamel stronger and prevent the cavities. Toothpaste that contains fluoride are good for your tooth.

Well, those are all about how many teeth do humans have and other details you need to know when it comes to teeth and mouth.

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