How Many Teeth Do Adults Have and What Distinguish Them from The Baby Teeth?

Getting to know about the teeth is a good thing and it is including getting the info about how many teeth do adults have. The teeth play an important role. That is the reason why people have to be able taking care of it. Sure, all of us agree that prevention is much better than treatment. That is why we have to know well about it and we need to find out the facts related to the teeth. By getting to know about the teeth, it will help you much in realizing how important the teeth are and how important you need to take care of them properly. At least you need to know about the basic idea related to the teeth.

It would not be really difficult but it can be something helpful for you to get the general info related to your teeth and know well what you may need to know. That is including about getting to know about how many teeth which the adults commonly and normally have which may also differ from the kids. You may also need to know about the compositions of the adult teeth, their functions, and so on. No doubt anymore that the teeth play an important role since it is in the mouth in which becomes the very beginning step of the digestion of your body. Thus, it will affect much of the body condition especially related to your digestion system. That is the reason why it is really important for all of us to know well about the teeth.

How Many Teeth Do Adults Have

Teeth and their Functions in General

As mentioned above, teeth play an important role and of course, they need to be well treated in order to avoid or prevent the possible damage. Before getting to know much more about how many teeth do adults have, it is good to know about the teeth in general including about the functions of the body and health. Teeth are inside the mouth and of course, they have the great role especially related to the digestion. It becomes the part of the early step of the digestion system. Thus, it becomes the reason why the condition of your teeth will affect much to your digestion, while digestion will be the main system which affects the whole-body system so much.

When you were born, you have no teeth seen on there but then in couples of months, the teeth start growing. Until the age of about three, people have the baby teeth. Of course, the baby teeth are different from the adult teeth. There will be some changes there. In general, the teeth are used for some various functions, including grinding and also crushing, which commonly use the molars, premolars, and even your wisdom teeth for even grinding and chewing the foods. Of course, you also use your teeth for biting and also tearing, which primarily are done by your canine teeth and also incisor teeth. Each of your teeth is structured by some parts. They are including the root, neck, and also the crown of the tooth. They have the great role.

How Many Teeth Do Adults Have

Adult Teeth and Baby Teeth

We have mentioned a bit above that the adult and also baby teeth are actually really different. That is including about how many teeth do adults have and how many teeth do the kids have. That becomes the main difference which we need to consider and know. The baby starts teething at the age of about 6 months old. The full baby teeth are 20 teeth. They are 10 on the bottom and 10 others on the top.

The baby teeth are often called as the primary teeth or even the milk teeth. People will start losing their baby teeth at about six years old. Then, they are replaced with their new permanent or adult teeth. This process is not fast since it takes about years until they are 12 years old to let all the baby teeth turn into the adult teeth. However, the baby teeth still require the same daily care as like the adult teeth so that they would not get damaged very soon.

What about the adult teeth? The adult teeth are often called as the permanent teeth. They start to grow about the age of 6 years old.  Of course, the difference of the baby teeth from the adult teeth is mostly in its amount. The amount of the adult teeth is more than the baby teeth. However, the role is totally the same. However, many people stated that the adult teeth are much stronger than the baby teeth. That may also be caused by the age of the baby teeth are shorter than the adult teeth age. Still, the adults’ teeth have to be well-taken care.

How Many Teeth Do Adults Have

How Many Teeth do Adults Have?

Then, the question of how many teeth do adults have is going to be discussed here. If the total amount of the full baby teeth is about twenty teeth, then adult teeth are 28 up to 32 teeth. Sure, that may be different since the wisdom teeth are not always growing to the people. Some people may not find their wisdom teeth until they die. However, some of them may find their wisdom teeth are growing but most of them commonly need to be removed because of several reasons. That is including there is not enough space to grow them or even they grow in the wrong direction which may possibly damage the teeth near them so that they have to be removed.

The impacted wisdom teeth condition will also require getting removed. However, in general, the adults have 12 molars which are including 4 wisdom teeth if they have 8 premolars, 4 canines, and also 8 incisors. Commonly in the teenage years, they have the complete formation of the adult teeth except for the wisdom teeth. The wisdom teeth are commonly growing start from the age of 17 years old to about the twenties even though many people experience it at the age of about thirty. Thus, how many teeth do adults have, the answer is it varies and it can be 29 or even 32 adult teeth.


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