How Many Carbs In Oranges And How To Have Orange Diet Properly

Having oranges are great for the midday snack or juice in various recipes. Consuming medium-sized oranges per day is good as the Food Guide Pyramid recommends it, reported by U.S. Department of Agriculture.  Orange can provide 60 calories to complete your daily diets. Besides, carbs in oranges also can support the daily carbohydrate needs.

Of course, carbs in oranges depends on the size of the oranges, the sweetness, and the weight. For example, if you take 100 grams of orange, it provides 12 grams of carbs. Meanwhile, consuming a small-sized orange with the weight about 96 grams can provide 11 grams of carbs. If you are on a diet to lose some pounds, you should take the medium-sized orange since it is the same as one fruit for the daily serving. Consuming orange can make you fat because you will get more carbohydrate intake. When you are on diet, you should count the number of carbs in oranges.

carbs in oranges

The Importance of Carbs In Diet

It is important to have a concern about carbs in oranges and other foods. Carbs or carbohydrate is essential to any diet. However, you should know the best way to choose carbohydrate if you want to lose some pounds of your weight.

Your body needs carbohydrate because it is all about the energy. Oranges, fruit, pasta, vegetables, bread, and dairy products can provide carbohydrate. Your body is able to use these foods to create glucose and it is the main energy source for our body. Speaking of glucose, it is the type of sugar that your body can use it right away or store it to use it later.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) provided Dietary Guidelines for American 2005. To support your body with the best carbohydrates, you should choose fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, which has a lot of fiber. It is because the best carbohydrates will not directly break down into glucose so that it can give you the most nutrients and calories.

However, there are also bad carbohydrates, which is from the refined carbohydrates. It is because the carbohydrates are processed to eliminate the grain. It also contains added sugar. For example, it can be cookies, cakes, and white bread.

Carbs In Oranges And The Recommended Carbohydrate Intake

The total carbs in oranges, especially in the medium size is 15 grams. This information is from the U.S. Department Agriculture. It means that the total carb is 5% of the recommended daily intake with 2,000 calories per day. In oranges, the carbohydrate content is mostly in form of sugars. In a piece of orange, it contains 12 grams. Besides, oranges have 3 grams of dietary fiber that is the same as 12% of the recommended intake per day.

The USDA recommends between 45% and 65% of the total daily calories should be carbohydrates as they explained it in the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. In addition, carbs are great as the source of energy to support your body. There are two forms of carbohydrates, which are simple and complex. Simple carbs are fructose, sucrose, and lactose. Meanwhile, complex carbs provide three sugars, which are starchy foods. It can be legumes, grains, and starchy vegetables.

carbs in oranges

The Dietary Fiber In Oranges

As a type of carbohydrate, dietary fiber gives you many health benefits. It is the most popular function that can treat constipation. It also works to regulate the bowel movements. Having healthy intakes of fiber can reduce the cholesterol level, promote weight loss and control the level of blood sugar as reported by Fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are the most source of dietary fiber. It is important to have dietary fiber intake for about 25 grams for women. Meanwhile, men need 38 grams of dietary fiber. For older women, they need 21 grams of dietary fiber and older men need 30 grams.

Fast Weight Loss With Oranges

Carbs in oranges are low which makes it popular as the orange diet. However, there are many types of orange diets to know. Some are still based on the sound principles. On the contrary, others still have the high concern on its effectiveness and safety. Here, we provide you a little information to give you the best choice. Of course, it is important to speak to your healthcare professional before starting your weight-loss program.

Types of Orange Diets

It is important to know about the types of orange diets. The diets are available in several forms. Some go with the orange juice diet that recommends you drink 1 to 1/2 liters of orange juice every day. Another version supports you eating oranges, especially before meals. Another version recommends you using oranges as the cleansing diet because it can purge the toxins in your body. The extreme orange diet is not eating other foods but oranges. It is a kind of fasting.

The Safety Of Orange Diets

You should not ignore the safety to go with orange diet. The severe orange diets surely can lead to some dangers. Is it good for your body if you have to eat oranges for your long-term fasting? Of course, it is the same as preventing some important nutrients to your body. Therefore, it can cause muscle break down as explained by Lona Sandon, the registered dietitian as quoted by MSNBC. Besides, when you have cleansing diets with oranges or not, it is not effective. Dr. Nasir Moloo, the gastroenterologists in California reported that a normal person’s body is able to remove the toxins perfectly.

The Effectiveness of Orange Diets

Eating an orange before the normal meal is good. The whole oranges provide a high level of fiber that will make you full of the fewer calories. Therefore, having oranges before meals can keep your intake controlled as explained by Barbara Rolls, the professor of the nutritional sciences at Pennsylvania State University via USA Today.

Furthermore, enjoying orange juice is not enough. There should be something more to have a healthy and balanced diet. You should also do some exercise, maintain good habits for your health and here are the following things you should do:

  • Consume lots of vegetables and raw fruits
  • Always have beans
  • Have nuts
  • Pick raw sugar and whole flours
  • Do not take sweets like pastries and desserts
  • Stop drinking soda, coffee, and alcoholic beverages
  • Have tea, not coffee

Do some exercise is also important. For example, you can work out for half and an hour two to three times per week. There are many ways to do exercise such as go for a walk, ride a bike, play with kids, jogs, dances, climb the stairs, or even swims. Besides, you should complete your balanced diet with healthy habits as below:

  • Sleep 8 hours per day
  • Stop smoking
  • No stress
  • Practice yoga, tai chi, or meditation
  • Reduce obligations and pressures

Carbs in oranges and orange diet can help you lose weight fast with the ways above. Orange diet is also helpful to cleanse the bloodstream, support better skin, improve liver function, heal your wounds, and prevent infections. Even orange diet can strengthen your immune system, improve the kidney health, reduce the bladed inflammation, and cleanse the colon. As long as you do the orange diet properly, you can remove mucus, treat tumors, ulcers, and cysts, and improve hemorrhoids.

carbs in oranges

Carbs In Oranges And Diet Considerations

In one cup of oranges, you provide 81 calories for your body. Having 1 cup of orange juice is taking 112 calories as stated in the USDA National Nutrient Database. Oranges are healthy foods, but you can get more weight if you eat too much fruit per day. Therefore, you should take 1.5 to 2 cups of fruit every day.

In addition, most American gets the ample amount of carbohydrates for their diet. Unfortunately, diets with too many carbohydrate intakes can bring the potential risk of obesity as well as other health problems. It can be type-2 diabetes or heart disease. The deficiencies in carbohydrates can lead malnutrition as explained by MedlinePlus states. Besides, people who do not consume enough carbs are more likely eat too much fat to support the calorie deficit. Therefore, it can create some serious health problems.

Besides, when you want to enjoy your orange juice for your diet, it must be freshly squeezed. You have to make it and drink it directly. Keeping it in the refrigerator so you can enjoy it in the next day is not effective. It is also better not to use bottled orange juice or packed even though the company claimed that their product is the most natural option on the earth.


In conclusion, oranges are healthful foods but they can cause digestive problems. If you suffer from acid reflux disease and heartburn, consuming oranges as the acidic foods can make it worst. Please note that you consult with your doctor or dietitian before trying any weight loss program at home. If the orange diet only makes you feel sick or discomfort, there should be something wrong with your manner.

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