How Long Does Tramadol Withdrawal Last And The Complications

Tramadol Withdrawal – Tramadol is the opioid narcotic medication. This label is from the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). In fact, it works to relieve pain. Based on the data in 2013, 44 millions of American people used Tramadol products. These people used Tramadol as the prescribed medicine. Other Tramadol brands are ConZip, Rybix, Ultram ER, Ryzolt, FusePaq, and Ultram.

In fact, this opioid analgesic works in three different ways. First, it can interact with a mu-opioid receptor. Second, it works to norepinephrine reuptake. The last is it inhibits serotonin. Like other drugs, Tramadol withdrawal can happen. It is because of the dependent on the drug. We also call it as the drug tolerance. Tramadol withdrawal includes the physical and psychological signs. The signs will occur once Tramadol is going to leave your body. Because it is an opioid drug, the withdrawal signs will involve the central nervous system. Therefore, it is more active than before. Consequently, it can increase the heart rate, the body temperature, respiration, and blood pressure.

tramadol withdrawal

Tramadol Withdrawal: Causes and Signs

Those who use Tramadol can develop a physical dependence on Tramadol. Commonly, the users start using based on the prescription. Here, the users take it for their injury or their surgical pain. At this point, the users keep taking Tramadol. The longer they took, the drug tolerance will develop. In this time, their body feels the same when they take the same dose. As a result, they will use more dose of the drug to get the same effects.

At this level, Tramadol withdrawal is possible to happen. In addition, it also happens when they stop using Tramadol. In fact, people use it as Tramadol abuse and prescribed Tramadol can get the withdrawal. Also, the symptoms may happen when you suddenly stop using it.

In fact, the dependence of Tramadol will also change your body produces dopamine. Furthermore, it changes how they will absorb it back into your brain. Using Tramadol makes your brain will change its way for the messengers to send the signals. In addition, Tramadol dependence can also influence the chemical makeup. It will impact the circuitry of your brain. Therefore, your brain will rely on Tramadol to keep your behaviors and emotions. On the contrary, when you cannot find this medicine, you can experience the significant decline in the dopamine. Therefore, you will feel fatigued, foggy, and you cannot feel comfortable. In this point, it can be the sign that you cannot live without Tramadol. In another word, your body is getting used to Tramadol.

tramadol withdrawal

The Factor That Determines The Duration Of Tramadol Withdrawal

Here are the following factors that influence the duration of Tramadol withdrawal:

  1. Environmental factors. It can be the exposure to trauma. In addition, it can be because of the levels of stress are high.
  2. Generic contributors. It can be the person or family history with the dependence of Tramadol. It then predisposes someone to have an addiction to Tramadol.
  3. Biological aspects. It can be about gender, age, ethnicity, and others that can influence metabolism and the dependence level.
  4. The amount of the drug used and the length of the period to use it. The longer you use it and the higher doses you take it, the higher risk you get the dependence.
  5. The way you use Tramadol. Chewing Tramadol, or crushing it and after that snorting, smoking or injecting the drug. By this way, it will elevate the dependence level.
  6. Use other drugs. Even when you take Tramadol but still take alcohol.
  7. Mental or medical disorders.

How Long Does Tramadol Withdrawal Last?

Tramadol withdrawal can happen when you gradually reduce the dose of the medicine. In addition, it can happen when you suddenly stop taking it. Therefore, when you stop using it, make sure that you know about your expectations.

Commonly, it will happen few hours after Tramadol effects go away slowly. Besides, the length of the time until it stops can be different day by day. Once you considered stopping using Tramadol, it can make you feel some symptoms. You can feel anxious, nervous, needles, sweating, as well as palpitations. These symptoms can happen few hours after the next dose.

In addition, the withdrawal can last from few days to several months after the last dose you took. After Tramadol is out of your body, you should handle your emotions, depressions, and cravings. Drug craving to get Tramadol is what you should have to deal with in the entire of your life.

Severe Tramadol Withdrawal

The severity Tramadol withdrawal depends on the last dose you took, body metabolism and the length of use. Probably, you have been taking Tramadol for many years. Therefore, you have Tramadol tolerance. Hence, it makes you take large doses. In this point, you may experience severe withdrawal symptoms.

In addition, there are some reasons why the withdrawal can be complicated as below:

  • Medical problems
  • Co-occurring mental health problems
  • Other substance of abuse disorders

By visiting a physician, he will help you to deal with the withdrawal symptoms. Besides, he knows how to control the use of Tramadol by reducing the dose. Therefore, before having any plan to stop using Tramadol, we recommend you to visit your physician. He can help you to stop using it properly. Besides, he can prescribe you some medicines to deal with the symptoms.


Tramadol Withdrawal Timeline

In fact, the withdrawal symptoms can happen in two categories. First, you may feel nervousness, diarrhea, nausea, and anxiety. Second, you may feel paranoia, hallucinations, panic attacks, extreme anxiety, numbness, and confusion.

Another potential sign of withdrawal is serotonin syndrome. This one can be dangerous. Therefore, it is good to have the right person to monitor your Tramadol withdrawal. In fact, the serotonin syndrome can happen to those who are withdrawing this medicine. If you use other medications, the syndrome can be a serious problem since it will increase the blood pressure. In addition, it can induce hallucinations, confusion, and paranoia. At this point, hospitalization is the ideal way. For this reason, doctors can monitor the person every day for 24 hours and get the right remedies.

Below, we provide you the general withdrawal timeline of Tramadol from days to weeks after stop using Tramadol:

  1. 24-72 hours: The symptoms will start shortly after you leave the drug. Besides, it still lingers you for few months since Tramadol is completely out of your system. You will experience nervousness, feeling of needles and pins, anxiety, palpitations, sweating, and discomfort. Well, those are the first signs of the withdrawal. Other than that, you are craving for the drug.
  2. Week 1 withdrawal: The first week, the symptoms go to normal even if you still feel drug carving and insomnia. These symptoms are common. In this point, you get dilated pupils, disorientation, and blurred vision.
  3. Week 3-4 withdrawal: In this phase, you still get depression, irritability, and apathy. In addition, you may still get disturbances during sleep.

In fact, Tramadol withdrawal for all its users can be different. It depends on the dosage and the periods you have been using Tramadol.

The Possible Complications Of Tramadol Withdrawal

It is possible if your moods and cravings will increase at any time because there is no Tramadol around you. Tramadol withdrawal can also increase suicidal thoughts as well as impulses because of the anxiety or mood disorder. Even the withdrawal can happen intensely that will make you have to use the drug again to prevent the symptoms. After not using Tramadol for quite long, it can lead to serious problems.

In addition, the chronic abuse of using Tramadol can create the drug tolerance in your brain and your body. In this condition, the system forces you to increase the dose of the drug. After that, you can feel the effects. For example, if you have Tramadol detox and you decide to use it again, you will go back to the last dosage. In the end, you are building more toxic of the drug. Therefore, it can bring you to another problem, which is, overdose.

The overdose because of opioid means something epidemic, especially in the U.S.A. Besides, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) explain that there are six out of 10 fatal medicine overdoses. In 2014, it was close to 50,000 involved for the opioid drug. In fact, the possible complications of Tramadol withdrawal are relapse and overdose. These complications can be serious.

tramadol withdrawal

How To Help Someone Through Tramadol Withdrawal

Not all people get the impact of Tramadol in the same way. Nevertheless, those with Tramadol addiction with the higher dependency will be harder to stop using Tramadol.

Finally, it is important not to stop using Tramadol “Cold Turkey” without any supervision from your physician. Your physician should taper the doses of Tramadol to deal with Tramadol withdrawal. When your friend or family has to deal with the withdrawal, you should do the following actions:

  • Give the supportive care
  • Make sure that he is hydrated. You should provide plenty of fluids.
  • Bring him to the primary care physician. Make sure that the physician is able to provide the right medications. He can help you treat the unpleasant signs such as anxiety, insomnia, or nausea.
  • Provide him moral support

Tramadol Withdrawal: Summary

The withdrawal can be different and it is because tramadol withdrawal is something unique. Others may not feel the same symptoms as you. Furthermore, to stop using Tramadol means you should plan it carefully. If you live with a person that takes Tramadol for quite long, help him and support him when he has to deal with the withdrawal. Your care and your support can be the best way to deal with his hard time. Besides, always have your physician near him will be helpful to make sure if there is any need for hospitalization. In fact, hospitalization is not something bad. It is the safest way to support the recovery from stopping using Tramadol if it is necessary.

In conclusion, Tramadol withdrawal can happen when you stop taking the drug. In addition, it can happen because you reduce the dose. Therefore, when you want to stop taking it, make sure that you tell your physician. By telling your physician, he can help you to supervise your condition.

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