How Long Does a Root Canal Take And What Are Its Alternatives?

Are you ready for your first root canal treatment? No doubt, your head must be full of questions and rumors regarding the root canal treatment. Well, there is nothing to worry about this treatment as it is very much safe. Root Canal is a term which describes natural cavity in the center of the tooth. When a root canal is affected, it infects the pulp and the nerve of the tooth. To save or repair the infected tooth, a root canal treatment is carried out by the doctors.

In the root canal procedure, both pulp and nerve are removed from the tooth, and the inside of the tooth is cleaned properly. It’s basically a cleaning and sealing procedure of infected or decayed tooth. Before initiating the treatment, you must learn about how long does a root canal take and how much cost is involved in the treatment.  In case you are not treating your infected tooth, it may lead to serious infection and can also form abscesses.

root canal treatment

How to Know, It’s Time for a Root Canal Treatment?

Human body always reflects symptoms related to the infections and diseases. In case of root canal problems, you will experience the below-mentioned symptoms.

  • Severe teeth pain with sensitivity to hot and cold water
  • A pimple-like bump will appear around the gums
  • The tooth will become dark
  • Intense swelling in the gum areas
  • Teeth pain when you are eating the food

No matter what is the reason for your teeth pain, you must consult with a dentist before anything serious happens.

Is Root Canal Treatment Necessary?

This is the most important question, which must be confusing you a lot. The simplest answer to this question is “Yes.” When you feel like your root canal is infected, it’s high time you should get a root canal treatment. If you do not treat the infect tooth immediately, you have to experience serious consequences. Below here some critical risks associated with root canal infection are stated.

  • Loss of bone in the tip of the root – As the nerve of the tooth is infected; the tooth fails to revive its sensory functions. If the infected pulp and nerve are not removed immediately, you may experience bone loss in the tip of the root.
  • Serious infection may spread to the brain – The more you will delay in root canal treatment, the serious will be the infection. There are high chances the infection may spread to the jawbone, brain, sinuses, and other teeth. In case, the infection spreads to the brain; it may cause sudden death.
  • Removing the tooth – Root canal treatment is to clean and seal the infected tooth. But if you are not treating the infection immediately, you may have to remove the entire tooth later.
  • Complications may lead to stroke and heart attack – Untreated dental infections have killed many individuals. Serious, life-threatening risks such as stroke, heart attack, cellulitis, bacterial endocarditis, and sepsis are highly associated with root canal infections.

If you don’t want to face the above consequences, it is recommended to get your root canal treatment without any delay. Book an appointment today and go for the checkup.

hprocedures of root canal

How Long Does A Root Canal Take?

How long does a root canal take? Well, the answer to this question varies with the intensity of the root canal infection. In case you think root canal treatment is a one-day schedule, you are wrong. The treatment is a month-long process, where you need to go for checkups every week. Sometimes, the treatment may also take more than a month.

Go to an Endodontist – An endodontist is a dentist who is expert in diagnosing and treating the injuries related to tooth nerve and dental pulp. It depends on the comfort of the endodontist, how he/she wants to perform the treatment.

Taking the X-ray of the tooth – To understand the root canal shape and condition of the infection, the dentist will take an X-ray of the infected tooth. They will numb the area around the tooth by giving you local anesthesia.

Cleaning process – Before initiating the cleaning, the dentist will place a rubber dam around the tooth to make it saliva free. With the help of root canal files, the cleaning process will be started by the dentist. All the debris along with the pulp and the bacteria will be removed in the cleaning process.

Temporary filing – When there is a serious infection, the dentist prefer to put medication inside the tooth. This kind of cleaning process takes more than a week. After that, a temporary filling is done in the exterior hole of the tooth to sterilize the area from food and saliva.

Sealing process – Once the inside of the tooth is all cleared; the dentist starts the sealing process. They use gutta-percha, and other sealers paste to seal the tooth. After filling the inside of the tooth, the exterior hole is also permanently sealed up.

Tooth restoration – This is the final step of root canal treatment where the dentist supports with a crown. Mainly, in the restoration process, the dentist prevents the tooth from breaking.

root canal after surgery

So, now you must have got a clear idea about how long does a root canal take? Many patients stop the root canal treatment in the middle, which again leads to critical consequences. Make sure; you have got enough time to start and finish the root canal treatment.

Alternatives of Root Canal Treatment

Here are few alternatives, which you can consider in healing tooth infection naturally.

  • Limit your natural sugar intake. Do not consume food or drinks, rich in white sugar/processed sugar.
  • Strictly avoid grain and flour products
  • Consume raw or yellow butter without worrying about cholesterol
  • Eat protein-based food items like raw beef, raw fish, sashimi, and others
  • Avoid consuming pasteurized milk.

The cost of root canal treatment is pretty high, which may arise some constraints in your treatment. In case you are unable to afford the treatment cost, it is recommended to follow the above natural alternatives. Don’t worry about how much or how long does a root canal take, instead look up for appropriate treatment.

Never take the root canal infections lightly. You may lose your life because of ignorance and carelessness. If you are experiencing chronic teeth pain, immediately book an appointment with the dentist.


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