How Long Does A Root Canal Last? Can It Last Forever?

How long does a root canal last? In most cases, a root canal can last a lifetime. The American Association of Endodontists explains that the success rate of root canals is more than 95%. Mark A. Burhenne, DDS as a dentist also added that a great precision and completely sealing the roots are the things that most endodontic should do to support a successful root canal.

On the contrary, if the root canal treatment was poorly performed, it is possible to desiccate once after the process to seal the roots done. Therefore, it becomes a non-vital structure so you need a crown to support the tooth and give more protection so it will not break under the load. There are many factors that can answer your question on how long does a root canal last. Here, we give you the deep explanation about root canal treatment and things that will make it last.

how long does a root canal last

How Long Does A Root Canal Pain Last?

Most people thought that having a root canal is painful. It brings a lot of discomforts. Even though they can find some discomfort during and then after the procedure, there should not be any excessive pain.

Now, we are living in a modern era. We use modern technology as well as anesthetics for a quick, safe, and pain-free root canal procedure. It is now becoming the excellent option to save the natural tooth. On the other hands, if you think that you do not need a root canal treatment but has a toothache, you should meet your dentist immediately to check the presence of infection, no developing abscess and no infection goes to the root system.

How Long Does A Root Canal Last For The Pain After The Therapy?

After doing the treatment, you only feel a little sensitive. The tenderness can stay for several days after the treatment. It is because of the inflammation around the tissue. Even though the dentist removed the nerve root from your tooth, still, there are small nerves located in ligaments and tissue around the tooth. The inflammation of this area can bring discomfort.

The pain also happens because of the instrument damage. Probably, the dental instrument to clean out the root canal damaged the surrounding tissue that is sensitive. The last possible reason is the high temporary filling. The dentist will add temporary filling. Unfortunately, the dentist did not smooth it down properly. Once the filling is a little higher than the surrounding tooth, it makes your mouth a little bit harder that can cause a tooth sore.

In conclusion, the sensitivity and discomfort after the root canal procedure should go away in just a few days. However, if you think that it does not get better, or if the pain is hard to deal with even after having some home relief, you should call your dentist immediately.

There are some pain relievers over the counter that should be enough to relieve the pain after the treatment. When you use prescribed medications, make sure that you follow the instructions and if it does not work, call your dentists to ask for a help.

how long does a root canal last

How Long Your Tooth Last After The Root Canal Therapy?

As we know that, a root canal is the last way to save a tooth from a severe infection. What your dentist does is to make a hole in the tooth and then take off the pulp including the nerve and the living tissue. After that, the dentist will fill up the hole. It does not mean that after doing the treatment, the treated tooth is stronger than natural teeth. On the other hands, the tooth before was often sick so that it is weaker.

How long does a root canal last after the therapy? It also depends on the amount of tooth structure that still remains to support the crown or the permanent filling. If you have less tooth structure, it means that the foundation is weaker. As a result, you may experience cracked teeth, leak under the crown or the filling by the time. In this condition, bacteria will come back into the root of your tooth and it can cause an infection. When you think that you have cracked teeth after a root canal therapy, you should re-treat it at the initial phase. If you want to prevent it, you should make a schedule to get dental check-ups regularly.

Things That Determine How Long Does A Root Canal Last

Other said that after doing the therapy, your tooth could last for 10 to 15 years ahead. In fact, some factors determine how long does a root canal last:

  1. Get The Filling And Crown Immediately

Here, when you think that you want to perform a permanent restoration for your tooth, it is important to plan for the immediate filling and crown treatment as soon as possible. This is important once the canals are clean from all debris and bacteria.

  1. Have Good Oral Hygiene

You know that your treated tooth is weaker than the natural teeth. Therefore, you should have good oral hygiene to support its life. In another word, you should brush and floss your teeth for three times per day, at least. Do it routinely is great especially after meal and before you want to take a bed.

  1. Get Cleanings and Checkups Regularly

It is something wrong if you thought that your tooth has had a root canal and it is safe as long as it is still in the mouth. In fact, you can still have to deal with a cavity. It is because the nerves are no longer there so you cannot feel any pain and experience any cavity symptoms. Therefore, you should be more careful by having your time to do regular cleanings and checkups.

  1. Knows The Fractured Tooth

Last but not the least, if you have fractured tooth or when your tooth develop an abscess, this is important to consult with your dentist. In this condition, you can feel the pain and you then realized that your tooth is in a big problem.

Does A Root Canal Treatment Last Forever?

If you do everything above carefully, it is possible to make it last for a lifetime. Nevertheless, if your treated tooth cannot stay for a quite long, there must be some reasons behind it.

How long does a root canal last? It can last forever. It really depends on the treatment itself. If your dentist diagnosed the tooth early and then treated it quickly, it can give a good result. After that, you still have to support it with the quick placement of the crown to real the root canal. The last important thing you can do is to keep the tooth healthy by working with your dental team. So, if you cannot do the final restoration quickly and you cannot support the tooth with good oral hygiene, you cannot expect it to last forever.

How long does a root canal last also depends on the location of the tooth. For example, if your front tooth has had root canal treatment, of course it is easier to brush and floss. In addition, front tooth works with less biting force compared to the back tooth. Other than that, it also depends on the age of the individual since teeth is more brittle by the time.

In this point, you should understand the ways on how to keep it last for your entire life.In addition, make sure that you can keep the tooth safe from any infection and injury. You should not chew ice, avoid bad habits and keep brushing and flossing your tooth.

how long does a root canal last


How long does a root canal last? Without crown, it will only last for 10 to 15 years. In addition, its lifetime depends on many things. We suggest you plan your root canal treatment carefully. Make sure that you have regular checkups to make sure that there is no serious problem at all. Once the root canal treatment has done, ask your dentists for the crown protection.

Once you applied for the crown, make sure you practice a good oral hygiene to prevent the re-infection. Take more attention if the treated tooth is at the back of your mouth since it is hard to clean the area. Best of all, have regular checkups to make sure that there is no problems with your treated tooth.

Having a root canal treatment can last forever, for the entire of your life as long as you know how to treat it and how to keep it healthy. Avoid using the tooth to chew something hard since it can break the crown. Last but not the least is to make sure that you always contact your dentist immediately when you feel pain in that area.

The success rate of root canal treatment is quite high. Therefore, there should be no reasons why it can fail. Failed root canal forces you to remove the tooth, leaving the empty space that can create discomfort for you.

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