Does Root Beer Have Caffeine And Why You Should Never Drink It

Does root beer have caffeine? In fact, caffeine content occurs in coffee, chocolate, and tea naturally. However, some caffeinated products are available, which companies added to their products including energy drinks, soda, as well as medications. For some conditions, many people should avoid it completely, such as women who nursing, pregnant, and sensitive to caffeine effects. To know whether a company added caffeine to any product, make sure you check the ingredient list.

Well, it sounds a simple question, but for some people, it is something serious. As its name, root beer is made of sassafras root or sarsaparilla. Therefore, it has its signature flavor. The drink has a darker color that is similar to a cola, but it is different from the regular colas. Generally, root beer is caffeine-free. However, it depends on the brands. Some brands may have the caffeine content.

does root beer have caffeine

Does Some Root Beer Have Caffeine?

There is a common rule when it comes to “Does root beer have caffeine”. Many of us say that the darker colored soda has the caffeine content. Meanwhile, clear soda does not. However, recent studies and researchers discovered that it does not work. For instance, there are some light colored sodas such as Mountain Dew has a high level of caffeine. On the other hands, Root beer does not.

In addition, there are still many people think root beer is the caffeine-free alternatives to those who cannot take colas. On the contrary, some root beers still have caffeine. Does root beer have caffeine? It depends on the brands you choose.

For example, if you take Bar’q Root Beer from the Coca-Cola Company, it contains low caffeine. It only has 1.83 mg of caffeine per ounce. It means that it has 22mg per 12-ounce of a can. There is also Diet Bar’q, which is available as the sugar-and calorie-free version, and it is caffeine-free, as well.

Does root beer have caffeine? For the major brands, the only one with the caffeine content is Barq’s. Hard Rowdy Root Beer and Berghoff’s Original Root Beer are also caffeine-free.

Why Does Root Beer Have Caffeine?

Does root beer have caffeine? The darker the soda, it most likely has caffeine. Originally, it is from the flavor and the coloring of kola nut, which naturally contains caffeine. On the other hands, Sprite, the light-colored sodas are from other sources and it is caffeine-free. Even though root beer has a similar color to colas, usually, root beer does not have caffeine since it is from the sarsaparilla root.

At this time, most sodas available on the market also contain artificial flavoring and coloring. Besides, the company also added the synthetic caffeine. However, many companies have to deal with the production cost. They want to use something less expensive. On the other hand, they have to maintain the taste as their product consistency in the name of consumer satisfaction.

Cola companies, for example, they keep using caffeine in their beverages because of the buyers’ satisfaction. On the other sides, we cannot ignore the Archives of Family Medicine published the 2000 study. They discovered there were only 8% of the regular cola consumers could differentiate the difference in taste and flavor when it comes to the level of the caffeine. The researchers explained the caffeine content is still there as the common ingredient since it is the addictive agents.

does root beer have caffeine

Does Root Beer Have Caffeine And Why Is It Bad?

We hope that our explanation above answered your question “Does root beer have caffeine”. Surely, there is something more serious than that. If you have no deal with the caffeine content, you should consider other essential facts about root beer and the reasons that it is not good for you. Asides of it are a light and crisp drink to take; this soda contains sugar and other dangerous ingredients.

  1. Most of them contain a high level of fructose corn syrup

Do you know why root beer is sweet? It can be because of the high level of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) added to it. Consuming high level of HFCS can lead to some potential health problems such as obesity and diabetes.

  1. Mercury content is possible!

Surprisingly, recent studies discovered that there was 50% of HFCS samples have mercury. In fact, mercury is dangerous that can damage the vital organs, brain, and immune system.

  1. It can cause tooth enamel damage

Root beer is a sugary drink that can weaken your teeth and lead to teeth decay.

  1. Sugar is the main culprit of insomnia

With the high level of caffeine in root beer, it can contribute to your sleep, such as insomnia. Having insomnia for a long period can cause some unhealthy problems such as depression.

  1. The ingredients will determine your mood

Does root beer have caffeine and is it the only problem? Even though your most favorite root beer does not have caffeine, but aspartame does exist. It is the artificial sweetener mostly in diet root beer. It can cause anxiety, irritability, as well as depression. Other than that, it can create serious problems for your waistline. It hurts your mood, too!

  1. It contributes to cancer

Root beer has its iconic brown tinge and that is because the company used the caramel color. However, the caramel color now is one of the chemicals that can lead to cancer. Even, The Center for Science in the Public Interest has a petition asking the FDA to ban caramel color.

Besides, the caramel color is also one that can increase the blood pressure. It also can decrease the number of white blood cells in your body.

  1. Not all root beers are gluten-free

For those who are intolerant to gluten, it is better not to consume a glass of root beer. Caramel color can also cause the allergic reasons if you are sensitive to gluten.

  1. Watch the preservatives

In a root beer, there is sodium benzoate. It works to prevent the high fructose corn syrup so it is not spoiling. Nevertheless, most of the root beer has a synthetic preservative that can contribute to DNA damage. Once it happens, it can cause Parkinson’s disease as well as the liver problems.

The possible short-term effects are headaches, increased urination, and hyperactivity when it is for children, as well as increased blood sugar levels.

Is Homemade Root Beer Safe?

Manufactured root beer can be dangerous because of the artificial contents in it. On the contrary, having a homemade root beer is safe. Even, it contains some ingredients that work great to support your health.

In fact, there is no real recipe to make homemade root beer. However, you can use sassafras root, licorice root, sarsaparilla root, and wintergreen. Alternatively, cinnamon and ginger root is available. These ingredients provide several health benefits. For example, you can use sassafras to deal with skin problems, rheumatism, and gout. Meanwhile, sarsaparilla is great for menopause and premenstrual syndrome. Speaking of licorice, it works best for heartburn, stomach ulcers, and arthritis. Take ginger to deal with diarrhea, vomiting, and nausea. To relive the external pain, you can use wintergreen. Last but not the least if you get the benefits of cinnamon to insulin and high blood sugar function. Those benefits are not available in a can of A&W.

Even though the benefits of homemade root beer are quite many, still there are some potential side effects. The short-term side effects probably are skin rash or hives if your body cannot tolerate sarsaparilla root. Besides, the licorice root can cause a headache. You should also know that taking something safe for a long period is not always good for your health. For example, if you have a homemade root beer that you take every day, the possible long-term effect is the liver damage.

does root beer have caffeine

What Are The Benefits Of Homemade Root Beer?

There are some benefits of homemade root beer from the sassafras root, sarsaparilla, and other herbs as well as roots added in it. For example, Sassafras is a great plant that it is a tonic and a blood purifier. You should use the root bark as the most effective part of the plant. Besides, it is warming, antiseptic, diuretic, as well as diaphoretic. Other than that, Sarsaparilla is the tonic plant. In addition, it supports the liver and the adrenals. You should use the root to help inflammation and pain since it is a diuretic and diaphoretic.


Does root beer have caffeine? Well, if you buy the manufactured root beer products, most of them have caffeine content. At this time, we cannot say that a root beer product in a darker colored look is the only one with caffeine content. In fact, some clear sodas also have caffeine content. Therefore, it is important to look at the ingredients label to know the caffeine content.

If you cannot live without root beer, homemade root beer is better than commercial ones. To make a homemade root beer, you need some herbs. Even though it is the old-fashioned choice, it is still healthy and energizing. On the other hands, the commercial root beer has a high level of high fructose corn syrup, preservatives, chemicals, and artificial flavors. Other ingredients added to this drink make it not good. You should not consume it too much.

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