Does A Root Canal Hurt And The Best Things To Heal It Fast

Does a root canal hurt? Are you going to save your tooth? You do not have to be afraid of the procedure. Your dentist will use numbing medicine that will make you feel nothing. There will be no severe pain. After the treatment, you only have to take care of your mouth.

It is possible for you to experience the post-treat discomfort. Does a root canal hurt? It can be. Unfortunately, there is no over-the-counter painkiller to remove it effectively. If you want to do a root canal and if you are afraid of the pain, make sure that you always focus on the way to keep your oral healthy.

does a root canal hurt

Does A Root Canal Hurt? What I Feel After The Treatment?

The American Association of Endodontists explain that most patients may feel a little or no pain when they get the root canal treatment. Before the procedure is complete, the endodontists will be numbing the tooth and the surrounding area to avoid the sensation of pain. After the treatment, some pain, as well as sensitivity, is still there for few days. In this condition, your endodontist may suggest you over-the-counter painkiller such as ibuprofen or aspirin. Alternatively, he may give you a prescription pain medication to remove the discomfort if you feel it temporary. If the pain is still there for more than few days, months or even years after doing the treatment, it means that there is something wrong. It can be the sign for the new infection. Once it happens to you, it is better to talk to your dentists.

Does a root canal hurt? With the help of local anesthesia, the actual procedure is still not painful. However, you may experience some discomfort.

Does A Root Canal Hurt And When Will It Go Away?

When you consider a root canal, you want to save your teeth. In fact, there are 24 million teeth annually done by the dentist in America. A root canal is the procedure to remove the damaged or infected tooth. There are some signs that you have infected pulp such as sensitivity, swelling, and pain.

In this condition, your dentist will remove the affected tissue. You should not think a lot of the pain and the discomfort from the infected pulp and the infection that is getting bad. Still, you can keep your natural tooth that can last until the end of your life. Here, your dentist will replace the damaged pulp with a material like a rubber, known as Gutta Percha. After doing a root canal, you should wait for one or two appointments to restore your tooth with filling or crown. It is possible to heal the treated tooth by the time that is by having good oral habits.

Does A Root Canal Hurt And Why Does It Hurt After The Treatment?

Does a root canal hurt? During the process, it is not hurt. However, you may feel hurt after the treatment for several days. Why does it happen?

The big discomfort is because you have a badly damaged tooth. After the treatment, you feel it hurt because the sensitivity. That is normal. You may feel hurt for three to five days after the treatment. Here, your dentist will provide you medicine to minimize the inflammation so you can handle this hard period.

However, in case that the pain is not going away for few days, it can be the sign that the treatment leads to a complication. Here are the reasons why you feel hurt after the root canal treatment so you can check them out:

  1. Infection

Does a root canal hurt? No, but the pain can come after the treatment because of the infection. It sounds good to know that you have a great root canal treatment with no mistake at all. Your dentist is able to clean the infection out of the tooth, seal it perfectly and then build the tooth up with the perfect crown or filling. However, if the bacteria are still there, in the bone or in the root, it can create inflammation and pain.

On the contrary, if the dentist is able to remove the bacteria by removing the dead tooth nerve, there should be no problem at all. In this condition, your immune system is still good to deal with the infection. To heal it faster, you can ask antibiotics to your dentist.

  1. Root Canal Problem

Sadly, we have to say that it is the frustrating condition. It happens when the filling leaks so that bacteria from saliva can enter and work around the edges of the filling. Once they can access the root canal, the bacteria can create the infection. Therefore, many dentists cap the tooth by using a crown after the root canal treatment. For this reason, an infected root canal needs re-treatment. However, if you have cracked root or broken tooth below the gum line, you need a tooth extraction.

  1. Other Problems

Other problems that can cause pain after the treatment are oversized filling or crown, sodium hypochlorite leak, and missed canal.

does a root canal hurt

Myth About The Root Canal Treatment

Does a root canal hurt? Here, we give you the explanations about the wrong things that most people thought about the root canal treatment.

In a condition when a root canal treatment is necessary, people always think that it is a painful procedure to do. In fact, it is not true. You feel pain because the infection in the tooth, not the treatment. Therefore, the treatment is applied to remove the pain. The root canal procedure is truly painless. Your dentist will use a local anesthetic that will numb the tooth as well as the surrounding area. Besides, your dentist knows the best medicine to calm the pain, for example by using nitrous oxide.

There are many people also thought that after have had the treatment, there will be no longer pain in the treated area. Well, this is something incorrect. The treatment made the tooth no longer sensitive. It cannot respond hot or cold food as well as beverages. However, few days after the treatment, the treated tooth can be quite sensitive. This point is totally different from your question, “does a root canal hurt”. Why is that so? It is because of the inflammation. Here, your dentist may give you a medicine to minimize the inflammation.

Besides, you cannot think that a root canal is something unreasonable because in the end of the day, you have to take the damaged tooth out eventually. It is because many patients who had done this treatment found that they could save their tooth until the last of their life.

If you feel no pain at all, you do not need a root canal. Perhaps, that is what you thought. The fact is it is not like that. When you feel no pain, it does not mean that there is nothing wrong with the tooth.

Despite thinking of does a root canal hurt, you should see your dentist. He will check the tooth’s pulp to know the presence of infection or damage. If it is so, he can suggest you to have root canal treatment, even if you do not feel the pain. However, if you see something near the damaged tooth, such as a pimple, it is good to meet your dentist. In this condition, it can be because of a fistula, a “pimple” or a tunnel of the tissue that drain pus from the infection. It is not hurt because the fistula can keep the pressure from building in the tissue. It can go and return. Therefore, your dentist should treat the infection. Otherwise, the infection can reach the nearby tissues.

Many people also have a misunderstanding about the root canal treatment. They thought that it means that the roots of the tooth and the whole tooth will be removed. That is not like that. This is a therapy to save the tooth, not to remove. What your dentist will do is to clean the canal and then shape on the inner part. He will only remove the tissue and the pulp with some of the parts inside of the root to make sure that there is no bacteria.

Last but not the least is that do not think that you do not have to go back to your dentist after having the root canal treatment. You have to make several follow-up appointments to create permanent filling or crown on the treated tooth. After removing the pulp, your dentist will place the temporary filling. The goal is to protect the root from any infection temporarily. Alternatively, your dentist may place a permanent filling or crown to prevent the bacteria goes to the canal, which can lead to re-infection.

does a root canal hurt

Does A Root Canal Hurt And How To Heal It Fast

After understanding “does a root canal hurt”, now you should know about pain management after the treatment. You need more than just medications from your dentist. You should take care of your teeth, avoid hard and crunchy food after your pain disappears and quit smoking.

Some activities that can remove your stress are good, such as yoga, meditation, and tai chi that will make you ignore the pain.

In the end, does a root canal hurt?

It is a painless procedure. You should not feel hurt at all when you take this treatment.

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