Calories In A Medium Orange And The Powerful Weight Loss

How much do calories in a medium orange? Oranges are juicy and sweet. Therefore, many people love it as their healthy snack. Even, it is the perfect addition to their meal. For a whole orange contain 60 calories and fat-free. In addition, it is free of cholesterol and sodium. Oranges are popular because of the vitamin C content as explained by Laura Flores, a nutritionist in San Diego.

In fact, oranges are helpful to increase your immune system. This fruit also promotes healthy skin. They are also great for heart health and those who have cholesterol problems. Other than that, oranges are great to reduce the potential problems with respiratory, cancers, ulcers, as well as kidney stones.

calories in a medium orange

Calories In A Medium Orange And The Nutritional Facts

Calories in a medium orange are 60. It means that it is 120 percent of the daily vitamin C dose for adults. With the high level of fiber, vitamin A, and calcium, orange is also rich in thiamin, potassium, and folate. Oranges are excellent for you especially during cold as well as flu season. It supplies vitamin C as the powerful antioxidant to deal with infectious disease. Besides, oranges have hesperetin, naringenin, lutein, and beta-carotene. These are the antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and support your immune system. Below, we provide you the nutrition facts of a medium orange. Here, you can get more information about calories in a medium orange.

Will Eating Too Much Orange Make You Fat?

Eating fruits provide you many benefits such as the antioxidant, minerals, and vitamins to complete your diets. Oranges, for example, are a good fruit to reduce the potential diseases such as heart disease and others. Even though oranges are good, over-eating the fruits can be problematic. You should concern on the calories in a medium orange to make sure that your body gets the proper calories intake.

Will eating too many oranges make you fat? Keep in mind that you can lose weight if you use more calories, instead of taking it more. Fruits like orange are the best substitution of pasta, chips, and candy. Calories in a medium orange are 60, some are 71 and more. Therefore, you should not consume it too much, especially by having orange juice. In fact, orange juice provides you 112 calories per 8oz of serving.

In addition, oranges can make you fat if the fruits you consume are no longer natural. Therefore, consume oranges at the proper portion and enjoy it in the right form to lose your weight, get more energy, and stay healthy.

Therefore, it is possible to use oranges to lose your weight and burn more calories. As long as your body burns more calories than you consume each day. You can lose 1 pound of fat per week if you can burn 500 calories per day. With the valuable nutrients and the low calorie in oranges, it supports you to lose your weight in a sweet way. Nevertheless, you have to concern about the balanced and calorie-controlled diet. Other than that, you also have to exercise regularly to burn calories. Simply, oranges are not a magical fruit that you eat, and you lose your weight instantly. Still, your physical effort is the secret of weight loss.

calories in a medium orange

Smart Ways To Losing Weight With Oranges

Calories in a medium orange can be different. A Valencia orange, for example, surely provides different nutritional facts compared to Navel orange. Therefore, if you want to lose weight, eating the whole or cut up oranges are better than drinking orange juice. In fact, orange juice provides almost double calories as a whole orange. It would be better to replace a cup of orange juice with an orange per day to save more than 19,345 calories per year or 5.5-pound of fat. Moreover, orange juice cannot make you feel satisfied compared to the whole orange since the dietary fiber is lower

When you get bored with the plain oranges, be creative. For example, you can use oranges in the diet-friendly recipes. You can top the spinach salad with the orange sections. Alternatively, combine the sliced oranges with the sliced fennel. After that, toss them in the olive oil vinaigrette to get a perfect salad. Other than that, have homemade smoothies. Here, you can blend seedless orange slices, non-fat Greek yogurt, non-fat milk, as well as ground flaxseed. Get more nutrition by adding a scoop of the vanilla protein powder.

Unbelievably, a single orange provides the lower calories compared to other potential snacks for your diets. For instance, you may have 1-ounce of plain and salted potato chips. This menu gives you 154 calories. In another word, it gives double calories in a medium orange. Furthermore, chips have low fiber, which does not help to make you feel as full as eating oranges.

Oranges in your diet are perfect even though there is no specific information about the number of oranges that can lose your weight automatically. In fact, supporting your diets with fruits, like oranges, is a healthy solution.

calories in a medium orange

The Unbelievable Things When You Take 1 Orange Per Day

There are more interesting facts to know oranges more than just the calories in a medium orange or orange diet for losing weight. Have you ever wondered about your body? Do you know what would happen to your body when you take one orange per day? Here are the following things to know.

By consuming an orange per day, it supports your eyes and vision. It is because of the vitamin C content in orange. In fact, a medium orange provides 116 percent of the vitamin C for the daily value. The presence of vitamin C, it reduces the potential eye problems such as cataracts, prevents the macular degeneration due to the age. Besides, oranges are a great source of beta-carotene. Consuming an orange per day supports us to have better vision, especially in the low light areas.

Oranges are the excellent source of flavonones that can reduce the potential risk of ischemic stroke. This happens when the blood vessel to supply blood to the brain are blocked. Based on the massive study done at the Norwich Medical School discovered that 7,000 women up to 14-year period had 19% lower risk of the ischemic stroke. It was because they consumed the biggest amount of flavonones, which found in oranges and grapefruits.

Oranges are helpful to control your appetite, as well. It is the solid form of fiber. Taking a single orange provides 12 percent of the daily value. When you have a diet with a high level of fiber, it provides you many benefits. Based on the Mayo Clinic, fiber can normalize the bowel movements and control the blood sugar. Other benefits are to lower the cholesterol level and support the bowel health. Besides, it supports the healthy weight. In addition, the Harvard School of Public Health also stated that fiber is effective to reduce diabetes, cardiovascular, and heart disease.

The fiber in an orange can slow down the digestion, so you will feel full. Therefore, it is good if you want to cut calories and gain an ideal weight. Calories in a medium orange also make it perfect as an afternoon snack that will make you feel full until the dinner time.

Since orange is one of the dietary fiber options, the American Institute for Cancer Research stated that it can reduce the potential colorectal cancer. Probably, the fruits can deal with the risk of mouth, stomach, lung, larynx, esophagus, and pharynx cancer. it is because oranges have citrus limonoids, the impressive compound that can fight cancer in the lab test. In addition, it is also able to combat cancers of stomach, breast, lung, colon, mouth, and skin.

Take an orange per day and you will see that you have healthier skin. It is because of the vitamin C that supports body to synthesize collagen. Collagen is essential because it is the protein to build the healthy skin. Besides, the beta-carotene content in an orange supports your body to create and produce vitamin A to help the skin cell growth.

So, the calories in a medium orange perhaps are your concern. Nevertheless, you still get the benefits above as your bonuses for a healthy lifestyle!

calories in a medium orange

Perfect Oranges Selection And Storage

Farmers have to wait for oranges to reach their maturity and full ripeness so they can harvest the fruits. When you want to find the perfect oranges, make sure that the fruits are firm and unblemished with the good color and fine texture. The skin should be smooth. For a juicy orange, the heavier for its size, it means the better. You should not consume oranges with soft spots; fade color, wrinkled, and dull.

To store oranges, you should keep it fresh unpeeled. It can last for several weeks in the refrigerator. Besides, you should rinse it first with cool water and then, pat dry before peeling oranges. Use a zip-locked bag or sealed nonmetallic container to store peeled oranges in the refrigerator.

For whole oranges, the best way to store it in the refrigerator is not to wash them first. It is because the moisture on the skins can cause spoilage or mold. Storing oranges at the room temperature should be out of the direct sunlight. Storing oranges in the refrigerator can last for more than two weeks. Use an open bowl or a net bag to store the whole oranges so the air can circulate easily.

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