Caffeine Free Soda: The Facts and The Availability

Do you know that you can find a caffeine free soda in the place of your usual sodas? This fact might or might not be something new to you, but sodas that do not contain caffeine within it exist, and in developed countries, these brands of sodas are more commonplace compared to your ‘normal’ sodas.

What defines a normal soda? What makes a caffeine-less soda different from those of the ordinary sodas you can find when you are strolling in your daily lives? This article is all about sodas, and I am here to tell you more or less the facts about sodas that can help you learn more about this indulging drink.

caffeine free soda

Soda and the other names it got

There is no chance that you have not heard of the word ‘soft drink’ once or twice (or even more) in your life. What is a soft drink? Is it not this article’s job to talk about sodas and not soft drinks? Why would you drink a drink that is soft instead of the heavenly tasting cola?

Actually, soft drinks and sodas are basically the same. They are called that way for a reason that not many people know, and even more so if you are living in a country that prohibits alcohol drinking. Now, why am I putting another variable in here? Why do I put alcoholic drinks in this article when I am talking about sodas and its relevancy with the word soft drinks?

Well, my friend, you might get bamboozled by this revelation, but the soft drink (or soda) is called a soft drink because they contrast with alcoholic beverages, which are called hard drinks in those countries. ‘Soft’ drinks do not contain alcohol while ‘hard’ drinks do, which is why they are called that way. Soft drinks because they took your life away from you softly, hard drinks because they took your life away from you harshly (the research have indicated that drinking alcohol is much more dangerous than drinking soft drinks, although they both are dangerous nonetheless). Alcohol drinking countries are odd with their naming are they not?

They are also often called as carbonated drinks for a reason that I am going to explain below:

Usually, when we talk about soft drinks, we talk about drinks that are fizzy and drinks that make our stomach gurgle more than it should. Those drinks in question are fizzy and stomach gurgling because of one thing: carbon. They are not called carbonated drinks because they assume that name as their name; they are called carbonated drinks because they have carbon, and the carbon is contained within the carbonated water in it. Soft drinks are made of carbonated water, artificial coloring, and artificial flavoring. The carbonated water, which gives it the fizzy taste, is the diva within the concoction, hence the reason why soft drinks often taste fizzier than it is tasty (the tasty in question is more on having a taste rather than enjoyable to drink. The later explanation on tasty is subjective, after all).

caffeine free soda

Do sodas contain caffeine?

More often than not, sodas contain caffeine (and a healthy bunch of other substances). Although the amount of caffeine within a serving of coffee dwarfs the amount of caffeine within a soda, there is still caffeine within a soda (and do not get me started on carbonated coffees. That drink is basically the worst of both world regarding caffeine), which leads us to two possibilities regarding the presence of caffeine in sodas:

The first one, you think that it is okay to drink caffeinated drinks once in a while. If you do not drink it once a day or more than that, you think caffeinated sodas are good because they can bring a morally down spirit back to the stomping ground. Although they are not beneficial in any way to your physical health, at least it can help you with your mental health, which is a good thing for you.

The second one, you think that every caffeinated drink is not good, even more so when it is contained within a soda (sodas, specifically the carbonated water, preservatives, and the absurd amount of sugar within it, are often the perpetrators of many problems). That is why you search desperately for a healthier version of soda because you still think that drinking sodas can uplift the spirits that are down.

caffeine free soda

There exist a caffeine free soda and other healthier variant of sodas, but…

Sodas are still sodas, and no matter how companies advertise them as a much healthier version than the usual line they sell, they are still filled with lots of artificial sweeteners (or sometimes natural sugar, although it does not make it any better) and carbonated water. These ‘healthier’ sodas may be advertised with many terms, and here I shall explain more about those terms.

Diet sodas: diet sodas are sodas with a sugar content that is often very low compared to the untitled sodas. They are made to make people believe that drinking these particular sodas are healthier than drinking the day-to-day sodas (which is only correct for the most minimum of margins), and are often more expensive than the normal sodas. Diet Coke, Pepsi diet, diet Mountain Dew are basically a few examples of diet sodas.

Zero sugar sodas: this one is more finicky than diet sodas because although they contain sugar in them, you can say that the amount is near to non-existent. Some people may see this as healthy, but they still contain preservatives and artificial sweeteners.

Caffeine free sodas: unlike the other type of ‘healthy’ sodas, you can trust this one to be the most credible in the unhealthy list because when it says there is no caffeine within the drink, there is no actual caffeine within it. You will not get a caffeine boost from it, but at the same time your caffeine consumption level will be within the safe range. In my opinion is the healthiest of the unhealthy (but still unhealthy), so if you want to chug a soda once in a while, drinking this type of soda is recommended. I suggest you pick sodas that have a fruit taste because the fruit tasting sodas are usually the one without caffeine. If you dislike the fruit taste, a caffeine free soda with the ‘caffeine free’ title is usually enough.


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