All Things You Should Know About Tramadol Drug Test

Can tramadol drug test detect the presence of Tramadol in your body? Well, many people, especially those who cannot stop consuming Tramadol need the answer to this question. We take tramadol as the synthetic opioid analgesic medication. It works effectively to handle moderate to severe pain. There are some brands of Tramadol, such as ConZip, Rybix, FusePaq Synapryn, Ultram, and Ryzolt.

Before using Tramadol, it is important to know about tramadol drug test, whether it can detect Tramadol or not.

tramadol drug test

Does Tramadol Show Up On Tramadol Drug Test?

Well, yes.

On the standard drug tests, Tramadol does not show up. As we know that, the standard drug tests are the requirement for all new employers to take. In fact, Tramadol will only show up on the toxicology screening, which is specially designed for the prescription drug detection.

Tramadol can stay in your body system with the half-life about 6.3 hours. It takes a day and a half for the drug to leave your body completely.

Speaking of tramadol, there are some tests that can detect the presence. Those tests are urine, hair, blood, and saliva tests with the following duration:

  • In the urine test, it can detect Tramadol within 2 hours. In addition, it is still able to detect for more than 40 hours.
  • Tramadol is able to detect for more than 90 days with the hair tests.
  • Saliva tests can detect tramadol for more than 24 hours.
  • For the blood test, it can detect tramadol for more than 24 hours.

Kinds Of Drug Tests

There are some ways when it comes to the presence of Tramadol drug test. Here, we provide you the complete information for this part.

  1. 5-Panel Drug Screen

Unfortunately, not all healthcare facilities have the 5-panel drug screen. In fact, they do not use it for Tramadol test.  Nevertheless, in case that you have to attend the schedule of an upcoming drug test, make sure that you consult with the medical professional. For example, you can tell your lab technician. They can help you to know the drugs they utilize.

  1. 10-Panel Drug Screen

In the United States, this drug screen is more common. It is because the screen can test a bigger variety of drugs. Here, it can be PCP, opioids, methamphetamine, cocaine, benzodiazepines, marijuana, and others. Speaking of this test, it is very accurate. You can know the result in just 5 minutes, even less.

  1. Blood Test

Your doctor is also able to perform other kinds of Tramadol drug test. For instance, your doctor can use a blood test or Toxi-Lab A. These are the best ways to determine whether there is Tramadol inside your body or not. Nevertheless, these tests cannot detect the level of the drug. The test result is very simple, which will tell you that you are positive or negative.

  1. Hair And Urine Tests

In addition, Tramadol is easy to detect by using special hair and urine tests. However, there must be a strong reason why your doctor or other parties conduct these tests. Using hair tests make Tramadol is possible to detect. However, it only tells the low levels. On the other hands, there is evidence that urine tests are not too effective to check the presence of Tramadol in your body. In fact, Tramadol is able to leave your system quite fast.

  1. Saliva Test

By using saliva test, it means that your doctor will take your saliva sample from your mouth. After that, your doctor will screen the sample for tramadol and the metabolites. In fact, saliva tests will not offer a quite long for detection of tramadol presence since it is hard to detect if it is more than 24 hours.

tramadol drug test

The Detection Time Of Tramadol Drug Test

With the use of technology, it is possible to detect Tramadol in your urine for more than three or five days after you have taken the last dose. In addition, it is very wrong to think that Tramadol will flush out of your body when you take a lot of water. Those who have a high metabolic rate are lucky since their body can excrete Tramadol out of their system faster. Therefore, it is better to wait for three to five days before applying for tramadol drug test.

Some factors can determine the amount of time that takes Tramadol to completely leave your body. For example, the individual body mass and body fat. These things have an important role in how the body system can remove tramadol and other drugs completely. Of course, an individual with greater body mass can remove Tramadol out of their body quickly than others. In addition, Tramadol can bind to fat and it can build up over the time so that those with a higher body fat percentage is more likely gather more tramadol by the time they are using it.

Other factors that can determine the duration of Tramadols in the body system are food and water, age, and the function of the body’s organs. Your basal metabolic rate and the dosage of the medication can determine it, too.

Why Tramadol Drug Test Is Important

There are some reasons why tramadol drug test is important to you. First, it is because of the medical reason. There are some potential problems caused by Tramadol because of the serious side effects, the overdose, and the drug interactions. For these reasons,  you should do medical testing. For example, the drug test can determine whether you get an overdose. In addition, it helps you to know the medications you are going with. Your doctor will help you with a screen test. In addition, they may require you to screen your body system for other legal aims. For example, if you use Tramadol more than the requirement without any supervision from the medical experts.

As you know that, there are many employers want to know if their employees take this prescription medication. It is because the side effects can show up. There are some intense side effects of using Tramadol. You may experience difficulty in breathing, hallucination, seizures, concentration problems, as well as unconsciousness. In fact, many people took Tramadol, even addicted to it without any medical recommendation and prescription for their health treatment.

What Should I Do If I Am Positive Using Tramadol?

For some reasons, employers conduct tramadol drug test to make sure that you can perform your work effectively. They want to make sure that their employees are in a good health to support business productivity. Most employers want their employees to have good health. Though, they can tolerate those who have to live with Tramadol as long as it is for their health.

There should be no matter at all to have Tramadol if you have a prescription for that. You should not be panic if Tramadol can appear on the drug test. As long as you have a prescription for the drug and you are positive to Tramadol, take it easy. Furthermore, explain it to your employers, doctors, and others who need a drug test to conduct. It is important to note that Tramadol is a controlled substance for some states. Therefore, you are safe if you are taking it with a prescription. Otherwise, you have to deal with the legal law if you use it without a prescription.

So, there will be repercussions if you use Tramadol without a prescription. It is the same as using it for an illegal purpose. Therefore, if you have a big concern about its presence on the drug test, you should know the legal status of the medicine in your area. It is important to discover the local laws there.

tramadol drug test

Where Is Tramadol Illegal?

Many states do tramadol drug test because the drug is illegal. Laura Plummer is an English woman who has to deal with the law in Egypt. The government sent Laura to jail because of trafficking more than 200 tramadol tablets. In the UK, the tablets are available on prescription. The Story started when her Egyptian husband was sore back. Besides, she did not know that tramadol was illegal in that country. A colleague gave Tramadol to her for the health treatment. Unfortunately, she was examined when she entered Hurghada International Airport on Egypt.

With the concern of the use and the abuse of the painkiller, Wada (World Anti-Doping Agency) prohibits Tramadol. They do the same for amphetamines, EPO, steroids, and stimulants. Therefore, they included it on the prohibited list but still the part of the medications under the supervision. For Egypt, the government has a big problem with tramadol. Even though it is a prescription drug in the UK and US, but the case is different in Egypt. Under their law, all opioids, including Tramadol and codeine is the part of a controlled substance. Therefore, if you bring Tramadol and other opioids in this country, you need a legal permission. Otherwise, having large quantities of Tramadol in Egypt can make your life ends in jail. Even the courts can give you a serious punishment, which is a death penalty.

On the other hands, tramadol is well-known in Egypt and many people there use it for something wrong. It is more than just a recreational drug for them. These people, especially the poor working class can take tramadol just to supply more energy. Hence, they can work longer and do more jobs. Just like Egypt, tramadol is an illegal drug in Gaza.

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